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Five Bucks, Five Bucks, Five Bucks

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 282
Hares: 29
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 312
Appearances: 31
Hare Percentage: 9.29%

104/11/2007616Cliff BangHer - Donger - McGutterslutTower Grove ParkVirgin/Visitor
206/20/2007631Duzzy's Birthday Trail & Mud Packer & Nurse H.ShitFenton AreaHasher
304/09/2008698Bama Mate & ICHY & Strap On Strap OffLearn what Shiggy REALLY IS!!!!!!Hasher
404/16/2008700Disco Ass & Mile High BallerHasher
504/23/2008701PMS & Hummers & DMBJimmy Buffet Pre LubeHasher
605/14/2008706Bama Mate & Legs Over EasySouth City Shiggy TrailHasher
705/28/2008709Lock Nut Monster's Birthday Hash & Postage TrampAppearance
706/11/2008712Keyless Entry & Holateral DamageAppearance
706/18/20087132 Fuck Cunuck, Lazy Ass, Plot My G-SpotTurtle Park Hippie HashHasher
806/25/2008714Help Me I'm Wet & Stink PalmTurtle ParkAppearance
807/09/2008717Viper Snatch/Bama Mate/Hog Tool/Lock Nut Monster2nd Annual Record Breaker HashHasher
907/12/2008718Bama Mate & Dribbles n Spits & Just RobKANSAS CITY INVASION!Hare
1007/23/2008720Burning A$$hole & Strap On Strap OffCrestwoodHasher
1108/06/2008723Cliff BangHer & Postage TrampSouth CountyHasher
1208/13/2008726PMS & Sextra Credit's Birthday TrailValley ParkHasher
1308/27/2008729PMS and Duzzy CumBig Bend & Dougherty FerryHasher
1409/10/2008731Jack Rabbit Slim, PMS & F. Me Rudolph -Pajama HashDogtownHasher
1509/17/2008733Meta Arsehole, Help Me, Jack Rabbit, PornogenicCatholic School GirlHasher
1609/24/2008734Peemis and Shrek PalmWestportHasher
1710/08/2008737Postage Tramp and Dewey Sexual SystemKirkwoodHasher
1810/15/2008739Burning A$$hole & Strap On (clap, clap) Strap OffBeautiful Caseyville, ILHasher
1910/22/2008740Famous Anus & FartfignugenHasher
2010/29/2008742Lock Nut Monster & Full Service A$$ StationMONSTER BASH HASHHasher
2111/05/2008743Help Me I'm Wet & StatueTory RapeHasher
2211/19/2008746Keyless Entry and Holateral DamageHasher
2311/26/2008748Meta Arsehole & LockNut MonsterHasher
2412/03/2008749McGutterSlut and Legs Over EasyAppearance
2412/10/2008750Stink PalmAffton AreaHasher
2501/07/20097563rd Anal Hares and BaresHasher
2601/21/2009759Full Service A$$ Station & Purple Muffin' StuffinSouth County - Hessler's PubHasher
2701/24/2009760Princess and Cliff and Garage A Trois' Birthdays!Hasher
2801/28/2009761K-Mart/Sams lot on Manchester (DOGTOWN)Hasher
2902/04/20097622 Fuck Canuck & Strap On Strap OffCentral West End - Alcholics Publicus HashAppearance
2902/11/2009763Postage Tramp & $5$5$5Maryland HeightsHare
3002/24/2009766Bama Mate, Meta Arsehole, 2FCanuck, Funny BoneHer Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl - SoulardHasher
3103/04/2009769LockNut MonsterMapleHoodHasher
3203/11/2009770McPostage O'Tramp & McFist in Her O'Furry A$$GDR Pre-Lube and Fisty's Birthday (Dogtown)Hasher
3303/14/20097719th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
3403/25/2009773Whiney Bitch's Birthday TrailForest ParkHasher
3504/01/2009775Celery's Birthday, FOO!MEET AT 6:30PM --> SWING LOW AT 7:00PMHasher
3604/22/2009779The Cum Family(Frozen, Duzzy, Goggles, It Out, Orgy Dumpster)Hasher
3704/29/2009781Mismanagement ErectionsHasher
3805/06/2009782PMS & Toxic WasteHasher
3905/13/2009784Burning A$$holeGuess what?! Another hash with no theme.Hasher
4005/20/2009785LockNut MonsterFentonHasher
4105/27/2009787Lock Nut Monster & Fuck Me RudolphBirthdays!Hasher
4206/03/2009788"Heaven & Hell" - Help Me, F-SAS, Stink PalmSouth County - near Ronnie's TheatreHasher
4306/10/2009789PMS, OCD & Strap On (clap, clap) Strap OffOverlandHasher
4406/17/20097912 Fuck Canuck & Just Gina (Gyna)FentonHasher
4506/24/2009792GladHeAteHer & Hymen HunterAppearance
4506/27/2009793Lucy & PMSAFRICAN SAFARI and Bon Voyage to Lucy! :(Hasher
4607/15/2009797Whiney Beeotch & LockNut Monster3rd Annual (anniversary of the) Record Breaker Hash!Hasher
4707/22/2009798Keyless Entry, Just Clare & Fuck Me PumpsWhite Dress HashHasher
4808/12/2009803Full Service, Pornogenic & SoSoLadue/Creve CoeurHasher
4908/19/2009804Frankie TDTPE's 55th Birthday! Oh, and Rudy.Taming of the ShrewsburyHasher
5008/26/2009806$5 $5 $5Straight outta COMPTON (Heights)Hare
5109/02/2009807Postage & Jailbait - ALTITUDE (Colorado Pre-Lube)Greentree Park - KirkwoodHasher
5209/09/2009808Global Harriette Run - DMB & Gay Blade (GAYBLADE!)( . Y . ) Soulard ( . Y . ) !!GIRLS GONE WILD HASH!! ( . Y . )Hasher
5309/16/2009810Meta Arsehole, Pornogenic & Jack Rabbit SlimCatholic Schoolgirl Hash - Central West EndHasher
5409/23/2009811Poostage Tramp & FartfignugenCrestwoodHasher
5510/07/2009814L.O.C.K.N.U.T. M.O.N.S.T.E.R.!.!.!South CountyHasher
5610/14/2009816Eff Me Roudolph & Just AlyshaU. City/ClaytonHasher
5710/28/2009819Whiney Beeotch's Hashoween Extravaganza!Hasher
5811/04/2009820Copped & Fingered, Funny BoneHer & OCDRainbow Hash in BrentwoodHasher
5911/18/2009823A$$-Licking Prince, OH! & Pu$$y FartWebster GrovesHasher
6012/16/2009829Stinky Claus & Orgy the Cum-faced reinDeerChristmas Lights HashHasher
6112/23/2009830Jolly ol' St. Auggie & his elf, LilDickSmokerPub Crawl and Gift ExchangeHasher
6212/30/2009832Bama Mate, Famous Anus & Dribbles Between Her LegsBama's Birthday!Appearance
6201/06/2010833Burning A$$hole and F*ck Me RudolphHasher
6301/23/2010837Cliff, Princess and GarageBirthday TrailHasher
6402/03/2010839OCD, Stink Palm and Just KateAppearance
6402/16/2010842Bama Mate's Soulard Pub Crawl Fat TuesdayHasher
6502/24/2010844Shot By A Whore & Gay BladeAppearance
6503/13/201084810th Annual Green Dress RunHare
6603/24/2010850Whiney & Dribble Between My LegsBirthday Trail: Dogtown-ishHasher
6703/31/2010852Waldo's PimpTower Grove ParkHasher
6804/07/2010853A$$ Licking Prince, Oh! and Mother AbrahamHasher
6904/24/2010857Free Mustache Rides & Dewey Sexual SystemMustache's Birthday TrailHasher
7005/05/2010859Senor Gladdy & Hummers Para Libre & Jorge-SpotCinco de Mayo w/our resident MexicansHasher
7107/10/2010873Blows Like a Freight TrainHasher
7207/28/2010877Disco's 21st Birthday TrailHasher
7308/18/2010881Disco's Bungle Pre-lubeHasher
7408/25/2010883Adios, HammertongueTower GroveHasher
7609/15/2010888Catholic School Girls HashMeta, Jack Rabbit Slim, P-Genic, Seize Her SaladHasher
7709/22/2010889Fall in to Big-Hump...The Equinox HashWiney B1tchHasher
7809/29/2010891Roodles McToodles aka RUDYHasher
7910/27/2010896World Peace Thru BeerLocknut, PMS & Postage TrampHasher
8010/30/2010897Meta Arsehole and SeizeHer Salad's Halloween PartyAppearance
8011/03/2010898PMS & Locknut Monster - Lampshade HashCentral West EndAppearance
8011/13/2010900Disco Ass & Ass Licking Prince, OH!Heman ParkHasher
8111/27/2010903Garage A TroisHasher
8212/01/2010904Fuck Me Rudolph and Dewey Sexual SystemDutchtown SouthHasher
8312/08/2010905xmas lights, toys, tots, OH MY!Popeye's OB, a Stinky Palm, and the OCD ElfHasher
8412/22/2010908Christmas Crawling w/ Icy P, Funny B and OCDKirkwoodHasher
8512/25/2010909SO (clap clap) SO ClausNorth Pole?Appearance
8501/05/2011911PMS and Just GlennDowntown KWDHasher
8602/23/2011921ALPO and The ShituationHasher
8703/09/2011924McPostage O'TrampGreen Dress Pre LubeHasher
8803/12/201192511th Annual Green Dress RunLockNut Monster, Fuck Me Rudolph and Bozo's Wet DreamHasher
8903/26/2011928Garage a Trois/SO (clap clap) SOWash U hoodHasher
9004/06/2011930Bozo's Wet Dream and Ass Licking Prince, OH!Hasher
9104/09/2011931Ice Princess and Fake Bake F@ckTBDHasher
9204/13/2011932Dewey and Disco AssHasher
9304/20/2011933Sir Feck Me Rudolph/Icy PrincessTurtle ParkHasher
9404/27/2011935DickSmithMismanagement ErectionsHasher
9505/18/2011939DIECIOCHO DE MAYO!Whiney BHasher
9606/01/2011942PMS & Hummers Para LibreKirkwoodHasher
9706/22/2011946Claim to Fame and I Like Big Bush & I Cannot LieLyon ParkHasher
9806/29/2011948Free Mustache Rides & 2:19 From ChicagoHasher
9907/06/2011949Postage Tramp Bday!South CityHasher
10007/13/2011951Fook Family Hash (Pumps, Rudy, & Uncle 2Fook)AfftonHasher
10108/03/2011955Dewey Sexual System!Hasher
10208/17/2011958Dewey Sexual SystemBungle Pre-Lube!Hasher
10308/24/2011960$5, $5, $5Near Southside!Hare
10409/07/2011962Catholic School Girl HashFeaturing Dewey & Bozo!Hasher
10509/14/2011964Cum It Out & F*ck Me PumpsWedding Pre Lube! (The Grove)Appearance
10510/19/2011971ALPO, 2 F*ck Canuck,I Like Big Bush & I Cannot LieBirthday Trail & Mustache Contest!Hasher
10610/22/2011972$5, $5, $5HabitHash For Humanity (Old North City)Hare
10711/09/2011976Bozo's Wet Dream & 2:19 From ChicagoSouth CityHasher
10812/07/2011982Vixen (PFL), Blitzen (OCD) and Stinky ClausAn'al Xmas Lights HashHasher
10912/10/2011983Burning Hare! with ALPO !ChautauquaHasher
11012/21/2011985Hollateral Damage & Keyless EntryHasher
11112/23/2011986TSA & 2:19 From ChicagoX-Mas Pub Crawl in MaplehoodHasher
11201/25/2012992Fake Bake F*ck & F#ck Me RudolphRabbie Burns' Day in the Central West EndAppearance
11202/01/2012994PFL, OCD, Shoeless Hoe Jackson, and Stink PalmMaplehoodHasher
11302/15/2012997PMS & Hummers featuring Tig 'Ole BittiesBig Chief, Little SquawsHasher
11402/25/2012999Genital Tort & Army of Dark WhoresCentral West EndHasher
11502/29/20121000Disco Ass & Postage TrampMidtownHasher
11603/17/201210042012 Green Dress RunDogtownHasher
11703/21/20121005Locknut MonsterBrentwoodHasher
11803/28/20121007Whiney Bitch & Norman BatesForest ParkHasher
11904/11/20121009Shoeless Hoe Jackson & Pukes, Fucks, and LeavesHasher
12004/14/20121010Claim to Flame & Army of Dark WhoresSoulardHasher
12104/25/20121012Mismanagement Erections (Dewey Sexual System)Tropicana Lanes in BrentwoodHasher
12205/02/20121014LockNut MonsterSouth CityHasher
12305/12/201210161 Teq., 2 Teq., 3 Tequila WHORE, Just Alyse, IHOPHasher
12405/16/20121017$5 $5 $5, TSA & 59 MinutesWest EndHare
12505/23/20121018Fuck Me RudolphDogtownHasher
12605/30/20121020BJ and the Bucks (Five, that is)DowntownHare
12706/06/20121021Shits Bricks and Douche SkywalkerHasher
12806/13/20121023Postage Tramp and Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
12906/20/20121024Dewey's Dirty Thirty w/Gladdy & G SpotLebowski Hash!Hasher
13008/04/2012103411th Annual Bungle in the JungleSteelvilleHasher
13109/05/20121041TSA and Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
13209/19/201210442:19 From Chicago and Free Mustache RidesCatholic School Girl HashAppearance
13209/22/20121045$5 $5 $5Habitat for Hashmanity: Part DeuxHare
13309/26/20121046International House of Penis & Burn RubberBurns Rubbers' Birthday TrailHasher
13410/10/20121048TSA and HeadlightsAppearance
13410/17/20121050Genital Tort & Hardly Ever CumsHasher
13510/24/20121051Fake Bake and Beaner WeinerWorld Peace Thru BeerHasher
13610/27/20121052IHOP & Donkey StyleHasher
13710/31/20121053Locknut's Zombie HashpocalypseHasher
13811/14/20121056Holy Thunder & You'll Go Blind!!!Hasher
13911/21/20121057Shits Jemima presents: Thanksgiving in November?Weird.Appearance
13911/28/20121059Queefer, TrAInWreCK, Drip Dry and Just KylieHasher
14012/19/20121063Stinky ClauseHasher
14112/26/20121065Santa's Hoes - A Xmas Pub CrawlDogtownHasher
14201/09/20131067Jack Frost - Freeze Your LockNUTS OffHasher
14301/30/20131072Garage a TroisMaplewoodHasher
14402/06/20131073Norman BatesHasher
14502/13/20131075Headlights and TrainwreckValentine's Day Strip Club HashHasher
14602/27/20131078Shits Jemima, Eh?Lumberjack HashHasher
14703/09/20131080Genital Tort & Donkey FuckerTower GroveHasher
14803/13/20131081Postage O'Tramp & 2:19 McChicagoGreen Dress Pre-LubeHasher
15003/27/20131085Whiney's Birthday TrailHasher
15104/03/20131086BJ and the Bear & $5 $5 $5DowntownHare
15204/10/20131087Help Me I'm WetHasher
15304/17/20131089Free Mustache RidesHasher
15404/24/20131090Mismanagement ErectionsHasher
15505/01/20131092IHOP & Burn(s) Rubber(s)Hasher
15605/22/20131096How Do You Like My Headlights, NOW?Hasher
15705/29/20131098LockNut MonsterHasher
15806/08/20131100Free Disco Lock Mustache Ass Nut Monster RidesHasher
15906/12/20131101Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
16006/19/20131102Disco Ass & Dewey Sexual SystemHasher
16106/22/20131103$5 $5 $5Hare
16207/03/20131105Postage TrampBirthday Trail!Hasher
16307/10/20131106Purdy's 3rd Anal Blazin' Botanical Beer Stop TrailHasher
16407/17/20131108Holy Thunder and FistyHasher
16507/24/20131109Queefer Thiever and 3 Inch KingHasher
16607/31/20131111Disco AssHasher
16708/07/20131112BJ and the Bear & Nurse HashshitHasher
16808/17/20131115Bungle in the JungleHasher
16909/18/20131122Catholic School Girl w/G Tort and PenthouseHasher
17009/28/20131124$5 $5 $5HabitHash 3Hare
17110/02/20131125Fuck Me RudolphOktoberfest HashHasher
17210/16/201311282FC: Sex Offender Hash - Part DeuxIn a neighborhood near you...Hasher
17410/30/20131131LockNut and HeadlightsHash-o-ween!Hasher
17512/04/20131138Bike-curiousForest ParkHasher
17612/11/20131139LockNut MonsterXmas Lights HashHasher
17712/14/20131140$5 $5 $5 presents: "A Christmas Beeracle"KosciuskoHare
17812/18/20131141PMS & Stinky ClausWinter WonderlandAppearance
17812/25/20131142Dewey and IHOPX-mas!Appearance
17812/28/20131143OCD, Dos & IP's Gift Exchange Pub CrawlClayton CrawlHasher
17902/12/20141153TrAInWreCK and Headlights Naughty Valentines TooHasher
18003/15/2014116014th Anal Green Dress RunHare
18104/23/2014116859 Minutes Left...Wanna Talk?Wilmore Park - South CityHasher
18205/14/201411734th Anal Lebowski HashMaplewoodHasher
18305/21/20141174Whiney BitchHasher
18405/24/20141175Frankie TDTPEHasher
18506/25/20141181Fake Bake F#ck and Peru-vit I Don't BoliviaWest CountyAppearance
18507/16/20141186Postage TrampAppearance
18508/13/20141193$5 $5 $5 Bday TrailHare
18609/24/20141201Claim to Flame & Strap OnHasher
18709/27/20141202$5$5$5 - HabitHash For HumanitySpanish Lake (North County)Hare
18810/01/20141203Locknut MonsterSouth CountyHasher
18910/15/20141206Beaner Wiener & Colorado CockteaseHasher
19010/29/20141209LockNut's (and Disco Ass) Annual HashoweenHasher
19112/13/20141218Dewey Sexual System Alton, ILHasher
19212/17/20141219Postage Tramp/Fake Bake F&ckWebster GrovesHasher
19312/23/20141220Xmas Pub Crawl - Ice Princess, OCD & Dos HiXXiesSoulardHasher
19401/21/20151226Locknut's Postponed PP HashLadue Appearance
19401/24/20151227Garage, Thunder & LucyHasher
19502/14/20151231Dewey & DiscoKirkwoodHasher
19602/25/20151233Dos HiXXies & Dapper SapperWedding HashHasher
19702/28/20151234$5 $5 $5Hare
19803/11/20151236Postage Tramp's GDR Pre-LubeDowntown STLHasher
19903/14/201512372015 GREEN DRESS RUNCentral West EndHasher
20003/18/20151238Puke Halt & Just StacyThe GroveHasher
20103/25/20151239Donkey Style, Three Inch King, Kibbles 'n DicksSouth CityHasher
20204/01/20151241Beaner Wiener & Fake Bake F%ckSouth CountyHasher
20304/22/20151245Free Mustache Rides & Kibbles n' DicksBenton Park NeighborhoodHasher
20404/29/20151247Mismanagement E'rectionsTropicana LanesHasher
20505/13/20151250Puke HaltHasher
20605/23/20151252$5$5$5 and D-BAGCarondelet Hare
20707/15/20151263Dewey, Headlights & 2:19Valley ParkHasher
20807/18/20151264Tough Liver 2015Mine La Motte, MOHasher
20907/22/20151265Sharknado3 Hash (Hummers & PMS)Hasher
21008/05/20151268How Do You Like My Pussy Pants NOW?!? Bungle Pre-Lube in Benton Park areaHasher
21108/12/20151270PMS (shhhh.... it's her birthday)FentonHasher
21208/19/20151271Puke Halt/I Can't Believe it's not Buttlick SprayHasher
21308/22/20151272Annual HabitHash - $5 $5 $5 & Norman BatesCarondelet neighborhoodHare
21409/09/20151275$5$5$5 and Free Mustache Rides SoulardHare
21509/16/20151277Catholic School Girl (Headlights & Puke Halt)Hasher
21609/23/20151278Purple Muffin Stuffin' & Greg LooseAnusMaplewood Hasher
21710/14/20151283Puke Halt & 59 MinutesClaytonHasher
21811/04/20151287Purple Muffin Stuffin'Des PeresHasher
21911/18/20151290Greg LooseAnusForest ParkAppearance
21912/12/20151295Locknut MonsterHasher
22012/23/20151297Pub Crawl - Ice Princess & Funny BoneHerThe HillHasher
22101/06/20161300Disco AssBridgetonHasher
22201/23/20161304$5$5$5 and D-BagMaplewoodHare
22302/03/20161306Toxic WasteCherokee StreetHasher
22403/16/20161315Dewey Sexual System Lafayette SquareHasher
22503/19/2016131616TH AN'AL GREEN DRESS RUNCentral West EndHasher
22604/06/20161320Greg LooseAnus & Hardly Ever CumsHasher
22704/13/20161322Disco Ass & Cum on the RecordOverlandHasher
22804/20/20161323Gladdy, G-Spot & Dewey5th An'al Lebowski Hash!Hasher
22905/04/20161326MisManagement E'rectionsMaplewoodHasher
23005/25/20161330LockNut & Headlights Bday/Toga!!Webster GrovesHasher
23106/01/20161332$5 $5 $5Old North St. LouisHare
23206/25/20161337Dewey Sexual System BIKE HASHHasher
23307/06/20161339Disco Ass & Cum on the RecordWelcome to Dogtown/Blow up the Dogtown Facebook page Hasher
23407/20/20161342PMS & Dapper SapperSoulardHasher
23508/10/20161346Hummers, Gladdy & Dewey's 10 Year Analversary!FlorissantHasher
23608/17/20161348Cum Family HashCum on Down Under, Cum it Out, Cum on the RecordHasher
23708/24/20161349Tased and Confused / $5, $5, $5Hare
23809/07/20161352Fake Bake Fvck & Tased and ConfusedDeer Creek Park, Maplewood, MOHasher
23909/10/20161353Habithash for Humanity #6 - $5, $5, $5RiverviewHare
24009/14/20161354Goldicocks, Colorado Cock Tease, Cow CockRichmond HeightsHasher
24109/21/20161355Catholic School Girl -Fr.Disco Ass & Sr.HeadlightsUniversity CityHasher
24210/05/20161358Kibbles 'n Dicks, Strap On & Donkey StyleTower GroveHasher
24310/22/20161362World Peace Thru BeerFrankie TDTPE & Princess Pussy PantsHasher
24412/21/20161374Beaner Wiener & Cum on the RecordTrail, Pub Crawl & White Elephant Gift ExchangeHasher
24501/04/20171377Greg LooseAnus & Cum On Down UnderForest ParkAppearance
24502/25/20171388Tased and ConfusedHasher
24603/01/20171389LockNut Monster & Define VeirdShrewsbury Hasher
24703/08/20171390$5, $5, $5's Going Away FREE HASH!Clayton Hare
24806/14/20171411Kampground Cummer and Just JamesHasher
24912/20/20171450Holiday Pub Crawl & Gift Exchange! - IP & FBHDogtownHasher
25004/11/201814745$ 5$ 5$Hare
25104/25/20181477Beaner Weiner & Fake BakeSteinberg Ice RinkHasher
25208/01/20181498Fuck Me RudolphDupo, ILHasher
25308/08/20181499Headlights and PostageNorthamptonHasher
25412/19/20181527XMas Pub Crawl w/ IP, Dos, and FunnyBHSouthwest GardensHasher
25512/22/20181528Tased and TSA Xmas Light HashSt. Louis HillsHasher
25612/26/20181529Fake Bake and Dusty BoxIremaicaHasher
25706/19/20191565TSACentral Bank of St. Louis (Des Peres, MO)Hasher
25812/18/20191603Christmas Pub Crawl: Ice Princess & Sweet Ho & GHVCherokee StreetHasher
25901/29/20201612Toxic WasteValley Park, MOHasher
26006/02/20211623Purdy Mouth3843 Bamberger Ave St Louis MOHasher
26106/09/20211624Locknut: Unicorns on Trail8664 Olive Boulevard U-CityHasher
26206/16/20211626TSA Birthday HashChoteau ParkAppearance
26207/14/20211632Just the TickSt. Charles, MOHasher
26307/28/20211635Disco's 40+1 birthday hashVinita Terrace Area - Vinita ParkHasher
26408/04/20211636Strap On's National White Wine Day HashFlynn Park, U-CityHasher
26508/18/20211639Maybe It's Meth's Cum Back TrailOak Knoll Park, ClaytonHasher
26609/01/20211642Tazed and ConfusedRay Leisure Park St. Louis, MOHasher
26709/08/20211643PeePoléRiver City Casino parking lot SE cornerHasher
26809/22/20211646Meth's Recovery Hashbehind the SLU track on Lasalle stHasher
26909/29/20211648Three Way Hash: Meth, DDD, Strap-OnLarson ParkHasher
27010/09/20211650Lack of Oxygen and Maybe It's Methamphetamine Florissant, MOHasher
27110/13/20211651TSA and Tazed Pumpkin 2kFrancis R Slay ParkHasher
27210/20/20211652Maybe It's Meth, But Definitely WhineyForest Park Picnic Pavilion #8Hasher
27311/10/20211656International Dicklomat's Philly Style HashBBQ SaloonHasher
27412/15/20211664Frankie's Holeiday Lights HashFrancis Park Handball court, Saint Louis, MOHasher
27502/26/20221679Paddle Stop Brewery Grand Opening HashPaddle Stop Brewery, New Haven MOAppearance
27503/02/20221680Strap-On Birthday TrailSoulardHasher
27603/16/20221683Methathon Leg #2 w Cum on the RecordBrentwoodHasher
27703/23/202216845th An(nu)al Beer Mile presented by StagLafayette Park - Corner of Park and Mississippi (NE corner)Hasher
27804/06/20221687Meth-a-thon Leg #3 with Locknut MonsterBrentwoodHasher
27905/11/20221694Meth-a-thon Leg #8 w MouthyCreve CoeurHasher
28005/18/20221696Meth-a-thon leg #9 w CuntankerousKaufman Park, University CityHasher
28105/25/20221697Meth-a-thon Leg #10 w Sweet Ho AlabamaHeman ParkHasher
28206/22/20221703Dewey Birthday TrailSublette ParkHasher
28307/06/20221706WhineyGrant's Trail Parking LotHasher
28407/13/20221708Five Bucks' Catch the Hare HashParking lot by Steinberg Skating Rink, in Forest ParkHare
28507/20/20221709Mouthwest AirlinesBerra ParkHasher
28607/27/20221711Disco's Birthday trailSt. Vincent County ParkHasher
28708/10/20221713Beaver ChaserFrancis ParkHasher
28808/27/20221717$5 $5 $5 (note 5pm start!)2710 Locust St, St Louis, MO 63103-1414, United StatesHare
28909/14/20221721Erections HashTropicana LanesHasher
29009/21/20221722Cum in Sumthing HashPontiac ParkAppearance
29009/24/202217236th Anal Always a Bridesmaid Hash3500 Hartford St, St. Louis, MO 63118Hasher
29110/22/20221729World Peace Through Beer Hash w Princess HoCarondelet Park BoathouseHasher
29211/02/20221731Catholic School Girl Hash by Asshole Chaser3134 Ivanhoe Ave, St. Louis, MOHasher
29311/09/20221732Fake Bake's 60th Birthday PartyMcDonald Park, 4200 Utah St., St. Louis, MOHasher
29411/16/20221734Dewey's Pumpkin Beer 2K TakeoverFrancis Slay Park, McCausland Ave & Canterbury AveHasher
29512/07/20221738Triple D’s World Cup Christmas Larson Park, 523 W Kirkham Ave, Webster Groves, MOHasher
29612/21/20221741The Asshho Ho Hole Whisperer’s Pub CrawlFortune Teller Bar 2635 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118Hasher
29701/11/20231745Vomit’s TGS trailMcDonald Park, 4200 Utah St, St. Louis, MO 63116Hasher
29801/28/20231749Dicklomat & QPM Brewery to brewery marathonUrban Chestnut, 4465 Manchester AveHasher
29902/22/20231754Get a Dos of HashingCompton Hill Reservoir ParkHasher
30003/11/20231758St. Louis' 21st Anal Green Dress RunRed Roof Plus, 5823 Wilson Ave, St Louis, MO 63110Hare
30104/05/20231763Vomit Comet’s Beachy Experience James S McDonnell Planetarium, 5100 Clayton Ave, St. Louis, MOHasher
30204/12/20231765QPM’s Blast Off Hash Cherokee Park, 3232 Lemp AveHasher
30305/27/20231774QPM’s Memorial Bar CrawlTurtle ParkHasher
30407/12/20231784Sweet Ho Birthday TrailFilippine GardenHasher
30507/26/20231787QPM’s Shrewsbury ShowWehner Park, 7600 Hazel Ave, ShrewsburyHasher
30609/27/202318001800 Analversary!!! Dewey Sexual SystemTilles Park - St Louis CityHasher
30811/08/20231808Whistle While You Poop & Princess StarkissedDeer Creek Park, Dutton Ave & Marshall Ave, Webster GrovesHasher
30911/22/20231811Skanksgiving by Headlights & DosMason School, 6031 Southwest AveAppearance
30911/25/20231812The War of 1812Fort Belle FontaineHasher
31001/27/20241825QPM's Brewery to Brewery Half MarathonModern BreweryHasher
31102/24/20241831Roadkill @ iTap International Tap House - Delmar, 6217 Delmar BlvdHasher
31203/22/20241837Green Dress Run 2024Forest Park Hotel, 5915 Wilson Ave, St. Louis, MOAppearance
31204/17/20241842Strap On’s Anniversary Hash725 Kingsland, University City, MOHasher