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Wednesday 04/27/2011 #935

DickSmith @ Mismanagement Erections

Hash Trash:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

On-On to another great year!!!

GM: Dewey Sexual System

RA(s): Postage Tramp, Disco Ass, PMS, Whiney Bitch and Fuck Me Rudolph

Webmeister(s): PMS and Lazy Ass

Hare Raiser: Fuck Me Rudolph

Hash Cash: Garage a Trois

Haberdasher: Ice Princess

Best Trail: Stencho 2010

Worst Trail: Any Ho Hum trail

Best Beer Stop: Queen of Hearts (Green Dress 2010)

Best On-After: Daddy's Money (Dewey and Disco's North City Trail)

Best Facial Hair: Fuck Me Rudolph

Best New Hasher: Tats Snatch and Ass

Best Visitor: Whack On Whack Off

Hottest Hash Couple: Cum it Out and Fuck Me Pumps

Hash Harlot: Bozo's Wet Dream

Most Improved Hasher: Lazy Ass

Most Traveled Hasher: Disco Ass

Hash Shit of the Year: Ho Hum

On Sec and Best Boobs (category was a write in): Do My Butt


Once again, Hash Erections will be held at Tropicana Lanes with Pointer’s Pizza and beer provided. Trail will be short (don’t we say that every year?) and circle will be held inside. Erections will be held around 7:30 so we can get food by 8:30 or 9 and then people can bowl or just hang around and drink.

Anyone can nominate someone for a position, either by emailing gm@big-hump.com or by posting on the group’s FaceBook event page.... There are two categories: erected positions and volunteer positions. The volunteer positions will not be voted on; we’ll explain what you have to do if you’d like to do it. A description of current mismanagement and what their exact roles are can be found on the Big Hump website.

Erected Positions:

Hare Raiser
Hash Cash
On Sec

Volunteer Positions:

Hash Flash

Other things we’ll be “voting” on that are a little more fun:

Best Trail
Worst Trail
Best Beer Stop
Best Facial Hair
Best On-After
Best New Hasher
Best Visitor
Hottest Hash Couple
Hash Harlot
Most Improved Hasher
Most Traveled Hasher
Hash Shit of the Year

Send in your nominations today! Ballots will be printed up, however write-ins the night of are acceptable. While anyone can nominate at any time, you MUST be present at the hash and paid in order to vote. Virgins and appearances are not allowed to vote. It’s been a great year!

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