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HARES: Please help your fellow hashers plan to attend your hash and get your venue info to the hare raiser well in advance of your event. Out-of-town visitors especially appreciate advance notice! Increased turnout at your hash is another bonus!

WANT TO HARE?: To reserve a date to hare, email the Hareraiser. If you're new to hashing and you want to hare, feel free to ask someone that is an experienced hare to co-hare with you. You can check the Run Stats page to see who the experienced hares are, or you can ask the Hareraiser to help set you up with a co-hare. Don't be afraid to ask someone to co-hare with you that you don't know that well. What better way to get to know someone.

Saturday 10/23/2021 #1653

World Peace Through Beer Hash @ Tower Grove Park Old Playground Shelter

It’s that time of year again! Time to cleanse all of that nasty pumpkin flavoring out of your pipes and get some true, quality brews in you. Well, for the most part. We’ll celebrate bringing the world closer together by sharing our favorite international beers. Perhaps, if we close our eyes, we might actually get the feeling that we’re enjoying a beer in a beer hall in Munich, on a sidewalk cafe in Prague, or even better, sitting on a plastic stool next to a gutter in Hanoi (where I’ve honestly had quite a few tasty beverages). No hash cash required if you bring a 6-pack of INTERNATIONAL beer to put in the cooler to share. If you don’t, the usual hash cash applies. (Still, no hundos!) This will be Mouthwest Airlines’ inaugural haring with Strap-On as his guide. Trail will most likely be walker, wheels, and hound/pussy friendly. Circle up in Tower Grove Park at the Old Playground Shelter (across the main drive from the Chinese Pav). 5pm, or a bit earlier (maybe 4:30pm) if your up for a bit of pre-lubing with all the great beers. Cranium lights!

Wednesday 10/27/2021 #1654

Sweet Ho's Halloween Hash @ ???

Wednesday 11/03/2021 #1655

Meth @ ???

Saturday 12/11/2021 #1663

Dewey Yewed Hash @ ???

Wednesday 02/02/2022 #1675

Eye Swallow @ ???

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