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Wednesday 08/10/2016 #1346

Hummers, Gladdy & Dewey's 10 Year Analversary! @ Florissant

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Ten years ago, three hapless virgins stumbled upon the Big Hump and have been making the same stupid mistake ever since.  Cum celebrate with us on Wednesday and enjoy the culmination of everything we've learned the past decade, all rolled up into one hash.  What could go wrong?

Circle up:
Behind the Petro Mart
1375 Dunn Rd, St. Louis, MO 63138

What to bring:  bug spray, shiggy socks, a change of clothes, a flashlight, money, wanderlust

What to leave at home:  phobias (the hares will be providing those for you free of charge)

Is this hash Walker/Dog/Wheelchair friendly?  No

Will you remember this hash for the rest of your life?  Yes, assuming you live through it.

On After:

To Be Determined

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999