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Wednesday 02/03/2010 #839

OCD, Stink Palm and Just Kate @ ???

Hash Trash:

Invasion of the Midget Clan:



Just Kate’s virgin Hare- came packed with her posse of the vertical challenged.(But I’m not sure we can still include PMS in that group .. look at the grope shot… she’s towering over our visitor-Fire in the Hole).


We circled up for the usual shenanigans- Fire in the Hole sang us a visitor song and stepped in to show her virgin (Just Susie M.) how to do a proper down-down.


The mighty Ogre’, OCD (speaking of BJ’s) and Just Kate preceded to demonstrate a chalk talk – at which the circle broke apart like the parting of the red sea- from a little drop of the ass* no one laying claim to it, I’d put my money on it being Fartfignugen- if not only by default!  


On trail we went… hit a couple dots.. hit a 5dotter- “it’s too cold” BJ-one way, BJ the other, and across Manchester we went.


The group spit at the T/E and while running and minding my own damm business – BAMM- a car turning into a parking spot almost ran me over—what he couldn’t see my cranium gear shining in his face… if I had only had a large rock????


Good thing for Jailbait (who got a Big-Hump kitchen pass) the boy can run down some good CB’s I think he might have got everyone- Freak’n FRB serves you right!


Ah, the famous Stink Palm Beer-halt(BH)- where the walkers got to drink most of the beer before the eagles got there.


Off we went running down the rich area of Brentwood- coming up to a ladies check and to no appeal.. they went a check’n… RU??  RU?? Now, if you aren’t going to show your pride and joy and you are going to go check – you might want to make sure you know what your doing- we had what 3 young ladies off in different directions and nothing- oh wait.. her comes one back …RU.. 1st girl - there is only an arrow down that way??? … we hear a ON’ON from the 2nd girl… off we go… oh’wait that’s 3 dots parallel(BJ)... and 3rd girl P-Fart just running a mile straight not even seeing a dot…ummmmm. Pack asking, “OK,- so what was that way”… Gets Around(1st girl)- “only an arrow- I heard them say ON-ON and came back”… Whoops, Hashshit nomination!


Beer stop at Tilles Park- (started to not feel so well, so I don’t remember a lot from here… feel free to add your own ending in your posts below…


Lock Nut- *pick me again to do trash!    

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


Start:  Brentwood Park 9100 Russell Avenue 63144

Bring: Flashlights.

Directions: From 40, take the exit for Brentwood going south. Go past Manchester and make a right onto Russell, the park will be on your left. From 44, take Elm and go North, keep right onto Kirkham and it will turn into Brentwood. Go past Marshall and make a left onto Russell, park will be on your left. Look for Hashers.

Missed LOST? You can watch it online. If you are LOST, call Stink Palm @ 314-402-6791 or try OCD @ 314-368-3898.
On after:  Double D's Karaoke Bar 1740 South Brentwood Blvd 63144

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