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Saturday 07/10/2010 #873

Blows Like a Freight Train @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


We will meet at the north end of Jefferson Barracks County Park, in south county.  The directions will be a bit cumbersome, but thatís the way it blows.    If you want to use Mapquest or Google, you can use 9986 South Broadway as a destination.   This is actually a residence across the street from the north entrance to the park, but it will get you within a stoneís throw.  Allrighty, here goes:

From downtown St Louis

Head south on I-55, get off at Germania St., turn left (east)
Stay on Germania for short distance to Alabama Ave., and take a right over the River Des Peres bridge.   Get in the left turn lane right away.
Go over the bridge and immediately turn left on to the new River City Casino Blvd. at the stoplight. 
Stay on River City Casino to the next stoplight, which is Broadway.  Take a right on Broadway. 
Stay on Broadway for about a mile, you will come to a stop light at Ripa Ave.  At this point wake your half-mind up and pay attention, your turn is coming up.
Just past Ripa be on the lookout for a sign on the left side of the road for Jefferson Barracks Park.  At this sign you will be turning left onto South Broadway, southbound.
If you miss this turn you will be on Kingston Dr., as South Broadway simply becomes Kingston.  If you come to a stoplight at Reavis Barracks Rd., you went too far.  Turn around and go back.  And wake your other half-mind up.
Ok, now you are on South Broadway and in a very short distance you will come to the entrance to the park.  The road forks and goes through two big stone arches.  Take the left fork, which is Grant Rd.
After you pass through the arch go about a hundred yards and take a left on Gark Rd.
Stay on Gark for about 1/8 of a mile and then take a right on Bagby Rd.
Stay on Bagby for about two hundred yards and you will see a sign that says ďOld Ordinance Room, Erected 1851Ē, turn left here and park.  You have finally made it.  Incidentally I think it was cool that in 1851 they made a whole room just for erecting your ordinance.  There really is a lot of history in this park . . .    Anyway, if you think these directions are tough, wait until see my dots.

From anywhere else

Just call me (Blows Like a Freight Train) at 314-581-4082.  Iíll talk you through it. Iím too tired to write any more directions right now.

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