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Saturday 03/09/2013 #1080

Genital Tort & Donkey Fucker @ Tower Grove

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Prepare yourself for the best Saturday hash since last summer and the last until Green Dress. Genital Tort and Donkey Style will guide you through the beautiful Tower Grove area, however, there will be a ghost hare fucking with everything. He/She might start amongst the flock and lay trail as you run. He may wait and rest somewhere to throw 3 more miles of flour after Donkey and GT can run no longer. Who knows.

Expect to see leet markings so you might want to brush up on your vocabulary (tip: if you come across a map check, leave the map where you found it so others will get there too). What happens if you get a check-back that leads to a whichy way? I recommend employing the buddy system.

Bring ID and cash. Too many good bars round those parts to promise that we will be able to avoid them all.

Circle: 3:00 on Saturday, 3948 arsenal street, 63116

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On-after: 6ish on Saturday, 3948 arsenal street, 63116.

After on-after: 8:00 3948 Arsenal Street, 63116. After draining the keg on Cinco De Mayo in about 5 hours, we decided to get 2.

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