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Wednesday 06/17/2009 #791

2 Fuck Canuck & Just Gina (Gyna) @ Fenton

Hash Trash:

Gee whiz.  You want me to generate hash trash?  You're gluttons for sure.  I grapple, but ok, here goes.... Hope its not too generic for you guys.  Not a lot of gibberish either.  And no gibing, girding or groaning, or I'll never write trash again.  Catch my glint??  Just be

gracious.  Grant me my 15 mins and be gone. Grin and bare it.   


So we arrived at Fenton City Park, and we drove in and looked for a Canadian with a bunch of hashers in one of lots... and we drove in and looked for a Canadian with a bunch of hashers in one of lots... and then we drove in and looked for a Canadian with a bunch of hashers in one of lots... and ok... you get the picture... it was a long way in.  But then we gathered!!  And there was much rejoicing!  I did happen to notice one strapping young tall handsome virgin.  Our happy hares, 2FC and Just Gina... I mean Weenie Bank... or er... Weiner Warmer... or um... Boobie Bun... or... um yea, Weiner Barn, looked reasonably dry for such a hot night.  Their legs were splotchy and red, but still... reasonably dry was probably a good sign. 


Our reliable RA Rudy circled us up promptly @ 7:00.  Like he always does.  Traditional group grope... well sort of... PMS brought a fancy little tri-pod that made groping less complicated and faster... well, at least it was SUPPOSED to make groping less complicated.  Who wants anything but a gadded, gleeful grope anyway??  Anything less?  A gainly gaffe leaving us galled.  Did I mention the one strapping young tall handsome virgin?  Hares away and then we narrowed down the choices of names for Just Gina from about 500 to nearly 5.  You'll have to ask her for the list though, if you really want to know them all.  I personally voted for Boobgyna - or something like that.  But Gladdy, and his gorgeous, glorious sense of imagination, once again prevailed with the Weiner Barn... presumably because her boobs would make such a nice warm wet spot for the animals. J


I generalize, but trail was grand.  Long enough.  Dry enough.  For your feet anyway.  Genital... I mean genial.  (blink blink).  No ghettos.  We

giggled.   Not much poison ivy AND plenty of shiggy.  Strippers.  Heard

one was great on the pole.  ~Quite glamorous~    2BCs AND 2 BSs!!

Couple of hashers got lost... we're talking way out there... all the way to 141!  But I won't mention any names.  Did I already mention the one strapping young tall handsome virgin?  A few hashers actually fell down.

No gore or gimping though.  One sort of gently passed out at the end of the night.  But again, I won't mention any names.  About the only thing ALL the hashers did was sweat.  And I mean, gargantuan sweat!  Gawd!  It was HOT and HUMID.


The gist:  Circle was, gaseous!  No, I mean, great... or um... genius...

no, no... gextended.  Yea.  Gextended.  That's the word.  J  The virgins.  All flashed.  And those d***s... gasp... good golly...

gigantic... especially that tall one.  Did I already mention that one

strapping young tall handsome virgin?    Ricky and the RA were nominated

for not nominating when Ricky wore new shoes on Saturday.  BA was nominated for something.... Gosh... so many hashers were nominated.  Now I can't remember who won or why.  Something to do with a gerbil and a geyser I think.  Glad I missed it.  It was gemutlich.  There was much gelation!  A real gem.  Genuine.  That's all I remember.  That and the tall handsome virgin... did I already mention him?  :)  You'll have to

excuse me now... I feel a little giddy.   Think I lost my girdle.  Have

to glide along.        


I've talked gammon enough.  Excuse the garble.  Its genetic.  But before I go, let me gamble and say, Garcon... bring me another Ganymede, quick.

I'm suffer a gaping gasket and fear gangrene.  If this makes you want to gargle, suggest a gnarly gastronome instead. Oh, and more beer for all

the hashers!!  Godspeed to you.               



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