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Wednesday 05/05/2010 #859

Senor Gladdy & Hummers Para Libre & Jorge-Spot @ Cinco de Mayo w/our resident Mexicans

Hash Trash:

Tres Pesos Tres Pesos Tres Pesos triumphantly traversed the crowd of twentysomethings on the patio, holding aloft two big boxes of Del Taco tastiness. He rescued us from the hares' failure to provide food at the on-after. Whiney Bitch carried a pitcher of Shock Top around for about an hour. Just Rebecca kept Stinkpalm entertained. The band played Dwight Yoakam's "Fast As You."
Before that, Jort Daniels was awarded Hashshit after losing a trial-by-down-down to Witty Titty, for the crime of forgetting his own name. Firsh hash named, second hash wins the prize - he's on a roll. Before that, a bunch of people did down-downs for failing to talk to the virgins on trail, for wearing cranium gear, for being fast or slow, and for disrespecting the RA.
Before that, there was a margarita stop. Scrooge McFuck had a fight with a pinata and lost. Shot By A Whore had to wrestle the thing to the ground while I Like Big Bush And I Cannot Lie pulled its entrails out. Cute little bottles of liquor were quickly dispersed and consumed. But where are the condoms? What's a pinata without condoms?
Before that, there was a bunch of trail. The runners didn't get lost enough, and the walkers got lost too much. But what the hell, it's the Central West End. There is beer hiding in buildings all over the place. There is even haggis!
Before that, we squoze through some fabulous shiggy. It was so tight that Sexorcist almost couldn't make it. Who knew so many trees could grow in the two feet of space between buildings?
Before that, there was a bunch of chalk talk. Hashers attempted to say their names in Spanish; a few succeeded. El Postito Tramp did not. Whatever wanker got the hashshit last week didn't bring it, but PMS has an endless supply of plungers in her car.

Witty Titty Carrot Committee

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


Big Hump H3 - Trail # 859
When:  Wednesday, May 5th, Meet at 6:30   Away at 7:00.
Venue:  4356 Duncan Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108  - Clean City Squares Parking Lot  SE Corner of Duncan and Newstead.

Your hares:  GladHeAteHer and Hummers Para Libre

Come celebrate "We Don't Need a Reason To Drink Because We Do It Every Wednesday and The Second and Fourth Saturday of Each Month" Day.  The hasher's answer to Cinco De Mayo!  Central West End.  Beer Stops, Jello Shots, Hummers in a wig.  What more could you want?

Metro Link Stop  Yes about 3 blocks away @ Central West End Stop
Wheel friendly-maybe
Walker's map-sure
Shiggy it's the Central West End -there is no shiggy there

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From MO:

Take I-44 North/East to Vandeventer Exit 287B.  Take a Left on Vandeventer.  After a while, take a Left on  Duncan. If you hit Forest Park, back up two blocks.  Take Duncan two blocks to Clean City Squares parking lot.   Look for Hashers in the parking lot on the left.

Take I-170 South to Forest Park.  Take Forest Park to Newstead.  Take a Right on and an immediate left onto Duncan.   Look for Hashers in the parking lot on the right.

From IL: Cross the Mississippi and stay on I-64/40.  Take the Forrest Park Exit to Newstead.  Take a Left on Newstead and a left on Duncan.Look for Hashers in the parking lot on the left.

On After Locations: 
Iggy's Mexican Cantina - 3761 Laclede St,  Saint Louis, MO 63108
or if that's too fucking crowded
Laclede Street Bar & Grill - 3818 Laclede Ave, St Louis
or if you don't want to hassle with trying to order food at a Mexican place on Cinco De Mayo
Del Taco - 212 S Grand Blvd, St Louis

On-After Disclaimer: The hares are not responsible for you getting you food after the hash.  Nor are they responsible for getting you booze.  We are only responsible for suggesting a place to meet to discuss how awesome we are and how awesome our trail was.  Attendance is not mandatory.  Also the hares express the right to change the on after location at any time without notice.  These views may not reflect the feelings of both hares.

In case you get lost or need further directions you may contact  GladHeAteHer at (618)406-7684.
 or Hummers Para Libre at some number that I don't know.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999