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Wednesday 06/18/2008 #713

2 Fuck Cunuck, Lazy Ass, Plot My G-Spot @ Turtle Park Hippie Hash

Hash Trash:

60 hashers showed up clad in tie dye and peace signs at Turtle Park in order to protest the war in Viet Nam.  Since the start of this trail is the same as next week’s trail, I expected another hijacked trail.  I had dropped some Purple Haze on the way to the hash in order to prepare for our return to the summer of ’69 orgy, and since Gladdy “appointed” me as the scribe for this evenings activities, I’ll relate my acid trip the best I can.


We gathered in a large circle and the Menaja Twa hares (2 Fuck Canuck, Plot My G-Spot and Lazy Ass) started throwing a white powdery substance down on the ground for all to share.   They promised that if we followed, they would lay a trail of the white powdery substance.  As an added bonus, Bama Mate passed out hands full of her Vicodin 10’s.  I immediately began soliciting sex for scribe services to everyone in circle.   I thought that Sextra Credit and Funny Boneher were interested, but it turns out, they’re both just a tease. 


The Menaja Twa was away and the pack obediently followed, in search of another fix.  At this point I can only write about the autohashing trail where I again tried to solicit sex for scribe duties from Burning Asshole, Gladheateher and Strap On-Strap Off.  I picked a bad day to quit wearing deodorant. 


At beerstop # 1, DMB tried to get Hummers Para Libre drunk and take advantage of her with Night Train (New Boy was out of town and DMB must be out of batteries).  Celery solicited sex from a truck driver.  The two most memorable things from the hour long beerstop #2:  Boulevard Beer (courtesy of the hares), and more Keyless Entry boobs (courtesy of Keyless).


Although the hares managed to get everyone sufficiently effed up, the pack found their way back to the start.  Dewey Sexual System successfully solicited Turtle sex for beer.  Viper’s virgin, Just Monica, shared two voluptuous body parts.  Dos HiXXies, I-Feel Tower, and Disco Ass bared their asses to give us a preview of the inaugural Tumbling Dice trail Friday.  There was a 69 presentation but the recipients were on their knees.  ??? 


I tried unsuccessfully to convince You Had Me at Herro that the prize for the winning 50/50 ticket was sex and that he would also have to scribe.   We also found out that Hog Tool won't be having any sex for a while.  Congrats?


After that, the acid trip really got weird because I vaguely remember a green Ogre and lots and lots of disco balls.


All in all, it was a great big orgyfest trail.


Happy Birthday Lazy!


Respectfully submitted by PMS

( Postage said we had sex, but if I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen)


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