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Wednesday 11/18/2015 #1290

Greg LooseAnus @ Forest Park

Hash Trash:

We were waiting for circle to start at hash #____, it was pretty cold/hot/nice/rainy, but the beer helped us forget about that. The hare/hares got in for some chalk talk, the RA blessed him/her/them and soon, the pack was on-out.

Trail was pretty awesome/shitty and we managed to find trail easily/get lost. We arrived at the Beer Stop, drank some beer, gave the hare/hares some shit about their trail, and were soon back out in the city/shiggy. There were some chick checks, and of course the harriettes opted to check/flash instead of flash/check! Those crazy harriettes! Of course, no one/everyone  minded.  A few of the virgin/veteran hashers thought it would be a good idea to shortcut and immediately got lost/died. Oh well! Better luck next time.

Once trail was over, we drank our dranks and sang our songs. Disco/Hummers was called out for shitting on trail, Whiney/PMS for getting lost, $5$5$5/59 for raceist behavior and the hare/hares for their shit show of a trail.

All in all, a pretty generic/amazing/shitty/wonderful trail!


Cum one, cum all to a craptacularly shitty trail.

This will be my first solo BH4 trail and am I excited!  I have been scouting for weeks, just to ensure an appropriate hash demise for all who attend.  But if you plan on making it through, leave your dignity at home.  Compromising situations are likely to occur as people make it on-in and find their matching handkerchief buddy.
If things go well, you may even learn how to pick up a trick in a gay bar.  One that meets your depraved, dirty fetishist needs.

Circle up:
Forest Park at the dead end picnic area and shelter house off of Wells Drive.  It is the southwestern corner of Forest Park.  See the map link for a better idea.

Nick�s Pub
6001 Manchester Ave., 63110

What to bring:
� Cranium lamps, most definitely. FP gets so dark at night, especially where we are going.
� Shiggy socks, I found some FP city shiggy.
� Spelunking gear and lubricant, for the tight places on the trail.
� Trail shoes with good grip.
� Knee pads, if you have problems with being on your knees.

What to not bring:
� Sunglasses.  That's right, it's night.  We don't do that on my trail.
� Your dignity.
� Condoms.  There is only barebacking on my trails.

Promises and/or Lies:
� You will find yourself in tiny, moist holes.
� There will be dick, tots and bergina everywhere on trail.
� Expect to see a LooseAnus.
� You will need a snorkel if it rains too hard.
� Work on your seek and find skills.
� Walker, jogger, runner and dog friendly.
� Will lay a wheeler friendly course, but the hills may make it a bit more difficult.
� It looks to be about a 3 mile trail, +/- a mile or two.

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