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Wednesday 09/29/2021 #1648

Three Way Hash: Meth, DDD, Strap-On @ Larson Park

Hash Trash:

Hash Trash 1648 9/29 By Mr. Poopy Butthole Meow meow meeeeeeooooowww. Mrao. Hares: Triple D, Strap-On, Maybe It's Meth. Mew mew mew Larson Park. Mrao. RA: Sweet Ho Alabama mereww PrrrrreRRRRRRRrrRrrrRrrRRRRRr Virgin mewmew Just Dad HsssssssSSSSHHHHG So fucking long (5.5-6.75mi) hissssss and I only r@n kkkksssss 2 blocks. Mmmmmrrrrow mewmewmew meow. Needed cash, mask, ID meowowowow meow meow meow meow. Water crossing hissss Shiggy prrrrrrrrrr Just Shadow puuuuRRRRRrrrr Meow meow meow mew. Maaaaoo mreauu mrew mew meow.


"Bug DDD or Strap-On for the description." ~Meth $7 Hash Cash, exact change or Paypal only. No hundoes or fifties.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999