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Wednesday 01/30/2013 #1072

Garage a Trois @ Maplewood

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Let's cranium to the 'hood -/-/-> Maplehood for Garage's birthday trail

Garage has been told it'll be weird to have a trail in Maplewood without it being a pub crawl. Well come on out ya wanks, cause we're havin' a trail.
Meet in the little park across from Orbitz pin ball, at the corner of Sutton and Hazel.
Bring a light, a whistle, and gifts for Garage.
There will be Turkey and Eagle trails. Walkers can be accomodated if they don't want to do the Turkey.
The beer stop is sure to have dogs barking and old ladies yelling at us.
Who cares if it's cold. Let's hang out! Love,Garage
D'erections: Hwy 64/40 to Big Bend. Left on Manchester. Right on Sutton.

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