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Wednesday 12/23/2009 #830

Jolly ol' St. Auggie & his elf, LilDickSmoker @ Pub Crawl and Gift Exchange

Hash Trash:

Oh God, why did I volunteer to do this?  Oh wait, I didn't volunteer, I was put up to it because FASAS didn't wanna do it ... great, that always results in great hash trashes.

 Anyways, so we circle up at a bar that is not open, for this supposed pub crawl in frickin Valley Park.  By the end of the evening we have only gotten to two bars.  Sweet pub crawl dudes.

Whatever, there really wasn't that much complaining, but come on, a pub crawl with two bars, weak.

 White elephant gift exchange ... pumps got a blanket, that was nice.

The dude who got ten runs tonight, I forget his name, perhaps somebody can talk about that ... well, he got this box of beers and promptly dropped them on the floor.  The waitress screamed "party foul!!!"

threw me my sangwich, then rushed to get paper towels to wipe up that mess.

Man that fish sangwich was good.

 Um, there was this other local dude who was hitting on just Melissa, she grabs me and says "hey honey, how's it going"  ..... I was quite perplexed, then saw what she was doin there.  Then my actual girlfriend, AKA F Me Pumps comes up and talks to me and I have to explain to this weird drunk local alcoholic dude that I have not one, but two hot girlfriends.  How did my life ever get to this point???


Who got hash shit?  Oh yeah, probably the hares because they took us to two places then basically gave up because, yes, there are only two bars in Valley Park.

not that I'm complaining.

we were graced by the presences of both HoLateral Damage, straight from Korea, and then Lucy, right from Tanzania.  We were very lucky to have them.

 uhmmm, anything else?  I was dressed as white trash, along with my gf pumps because we actually read the email.  I thought we looked sweet.


shot by a whore barfing flabongo everywhere sweet cigars great fish shot by a whore wanting to sculpt everyone

Keyless loved her gift ... like a lot.  And then she got another one.


Merry Christmas!!!!


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