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Wednesday 10/30/2013 #1131

LockNut and Headlights @ Hash-o-ween!

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


This year's Hashoween: "Locknut's My Dead Bitch Hash"
Locknut may be known for the best Halloween Hashes, but this year I want to be known for putting on the scariest Halloween Hash EVER. So, I'm sacrificing Locknut to the Hash Gods and then bringing Zombie Locknut along to help set trail. This trail will not disappoint those who really want to be scared. We found a real haunted house that will scare the Holy Ghost right out of you. We also have some other scary surprises, as well as some treats (it is Halloween and all), and of course the anal Halloween costume contest. The best dressed Hasher & Harriette shall receive some delicious Scary Brews and perhaps an extra bonus treat from my bitch Locknut.
Where To Meet:  Gateway School 1200 N Jefferson 63106 
Meet at the parking lot located at the corner of Jefferson & Dayton. 
What to bring: Your costume of course, bring your running shoes so you don't kill yourself on trail (you can change back for the contest), cranium gear, perhaps some mace, an EVP Recorder and other ghost hunting gear, and of course any weapons to fend off the local zombies, vampires & ghouls of the night. 
On After: If we didn't scare you enough on trail, join us at Ye Old Haunt: a horror themed bar and also voted the best dive bar in the STL. On In!
Ye Old Haunt: 1319 Saint Louis Ave 63106 in Old North St. Louis 

SPECIAL NOTE: Since the Cardinals are playing this evening, we will have a vote: Hash or Watch the World Series?  If it is the former, we can promise an amazing (and not too long) trail, a reasonably short circle and a fun on after. If it is the latter, we could still meet at Ye Old Haunt and have a costume contest, but there will be no trail.  The vote is on the Big Hump Facebook page. Choose wisely. On-on!


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