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Wednesday 01/06/2016 #1300

Disco Ass @ Bridgeton

Hash Trash:

What a monumental hash #1300! Way to go Big-Hump!

Dewey, our amazing and might I add, stunning GM, whipped up some dandy shirts for purchase at the low price of only $8 each. Sales appeared to be good. She was mobbed at her arrival in the utter excitement of being able to receive one of these limited edition, available only while supplies last t-shirt’s. She said something about getting more made but, I wouldn’t count on it. It was cold out. Everyone was bundled for the weather and some people were unrecognizable. Poor Claim had to ride his bike to the hash because no one would give him a ride after he posted on the event page that his car wouldn’t start.

We circled up and Postage was RA. You know what that means, a long ass circle. We had two visitors from Memphis, Driving Miss Crazy and some guy with a funky nose ring. I couldn’t understand him when he said his name. They were nice but, didn’t know how to read trail marks. So confusing!!

Trail smelled pretty shitty as we walked along the flaming dump. Runners of course beat the walkers to the Shot Stop, where Disco had Fireball something or other to match the flames we saw at the dump we were standing next too. Beer would have been better. Trail went in two directions, The Eagle trail was swiftly found and they were off…the walkers trail just pointed at a massive retention pond that was surrounded by a 6 foot tall barbed wire fence. Good thing Chewy was with us so he could sniff out a tree to poop on instead of help us find trail. We could hear the runners and see their cranium lights so we were heading the right direction. I don’t remember there being a beer stop. Was there? That’s shitty Disco. No beer stop?

The pack made it back to circle with only a few bloody noses from the Eagle trail and I recall the walkers taking the long ass way around the pay by the hour motel we circled by. I just shot across the back lot and had a beer in hand before they rounded the building. Idiots. Why the fuck would you take the long way?

Postage was told by PMS that he was having a short circle. He listened to her because we all know Pemmers wears the pants in the family. Several folks asked if we could keep our cranium gear on and as if he had been waiting to say this he shouted “This is no Stinky circle! No cranium gear allowed!!” It’s really all Postages fault that I woke up with no voice Thursday morning. I’m sure if I hadn’t removed my cranium gear I’d be fine.

We had some beer, sang some songs, down downs were done and then we went to the on after…. all in all it was just another shitty trail.

Eye Swallow

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