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Wednesday 10/13/2021 #1651

TSA and Tazed Pumpkin 2k @ Francis R Slay Park

Hash Trash:

Hash trash for a number that I cant count to: 3rd Anal 3k pumpkin run. Met at Francis Slay Park, the bathrooms were do gross you couldn't close the door for fear of suffocation from shit smell before help could arrive. We didn't on-out until it was already dark which is becoming problematic as the days get shorter and we really need to bug everyone to bring their cranium lamps and whistles (I'm looking at you sweet ho for screaming "whistle" really loud in attempt to get everyone's attention) wet spot brought a fucking duck call. I digress. The trail went around the block with a whopping 3 checks and exactly 0 shiggy. This pumpkin puke stop I was promised had no cookies left and there was also no puking, big let down. The pumpkin 2k was fun with the option for a pumpkin spice seltzer that was not as subtle on the pallet as a LaclCroix that looked at a black and white picture of a lemon once. There was very little cheating and nobody got called into circle because of it. Also, nobody puked, I feel that the hashers were not properly motivated to overindulge. Just Cindy and just some other dude who's really fast celebrated 10 significant runs and both chugged water, lame, but I'm proud of them. Also, Tick was a hero for running out and getting water for everyone, that's beermeister 5000 level. We have a lot of Just Hashers that probably need names but I guess a drunk pumpkin 2k wasn't silly enough to get anyone to do anything memorable. On after might have happened, idk, I went home and took a bubble bath. On-out, Just Lydia


FINALLY, the return of the Big Hump H3 tradition everyone has been anticipating. No, this is not a Green Dress announcement…it’s THE PUMPKIN BEER 2K! Circle up at Francis Slay Park in all of your Orange attire where you will be led on a short trail to properly warm you up before the main event. Pumpkin Beer 2K Rules: - You may participate solo or as a 2-person team (4-person teams are also allowed, but will not be recognized or eligible for prizes). To qualify as a 2-person teach each runner must complete 2 laps. - A full, delicious pumpkin flavored beer must be consumed by the runner before beginning each (0.31 mile) lap. - 4 Laps and you are done! Easy as Pumpkin Pie* * - If you puke, a 5th lap is required as penalty (for a tandem, this lap must be run by the puker) The hares will supply plenty of Pumpkin flavored alcoholic beverages, but if you have a favorite you are welcome to supply your own 6-pack in lieu of hash cash. Will you become one of the illustrious champions never to be forgotten? Such as: Solo: Fatliner (2019) Licks and Stick (2018) Tandem [insert duo I can’t currently remember] (2019) Claim to Flame / In Your Endo (2018) On-After: Nick’s Pub

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