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Wednesday 03/24/2010 #850

Whiney & Dribble Between My Legs @ Birthday Trail: Dogtown-ish

Hash Trash:

I heart shiggy. So I say to myself, “Self, you have backslid for way to long.  If you hash in a location with the word “Forest” in it, there has GOT to be shiggy.”  Au contraire.  I pounded that gd pavement for miles.  And what an impression for my virgin who I lied to and said we only run a couple miles.  If you can believe it, there are actually areas of the city we have NOT been.  Whiney just can’t find them.


But what a beautiful evening for a hash.  Spring has finally arrived and brought all the crazies out.  Circle commenced with Whiney and Dribbles BTL laying down a bag and a half of flour for chalk talk.  Same ol bs, different hash.  Ho was challenged on new new shorts (and a pretty clean white shirt) and was told to drink from the shorts but he gently wrapped the shorts around the beer, not actually drank from it.  Typical.  Mumbling, some off tune singing, and PMS hawking her wares (A very nice Big Hump aluminum water bottle can be yours for the low low price of only $10, please contact the lovely PMS) After 30 whole minutes, the pack was off.  Parking lot to sidewalk, more parking lots, more sidewalks, then over some beautiful manicured golf holes, then more sidewalk, then more streets, over 44 to more of the same.  Then the gracious hare opened up her home to her closest friend for a shot stop.  The funniest thing heard all evening…Shot by a W “I’m not sure what shot you should get me, coconut Malibu, what does the other kind have?”  Eat both, you pu$$y.


It was so nice to see the crowd.  Now that I am back to hobbling along, I can actually get to know the hashers better.  Hammertongue, on to a PhD!!??  Fisty, looking for a job.  Ho, likes to do little Korean girls.  OCD, afraid of “The Snake”.  FMR, all grown up now and can work a circle! I missed you all!!


On on to “Forest” Park to the beer stop, an exquisite spot.  Unfortunately, my virgin did not want to press his kitchen pass so I dutifully got him back in time.  If we didn’t run a ½ marathon, we probably could have stayed for circle.  I’m sure it was great.  And by the looks of the brown water the delicious brewskis were floating in when we took off, I’m sure you all had a blast.  Of diarrhea, that is.


All in all, just another shitty “Forest Park” trail.

Respectfully Submitted,

Viper Snatch

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