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Wednesday 04/01/2015 #1241

Beaner Wiener & Fake Bake F%ck @ South County

Hash Trash:

We were waiting for circle to start at hash #____, it was pretty cold/hot/nice/rainy, but the beer helped us forget about that. The hare/hares got in for some chalk talk, the RA blessed him/her/them and soon, the pack was on-out.

Trail was pretty awesome/shitty and we managed to find trail easily/get lost. We arrived at the Beer Stop, drank some beer, gave the hare/hares some shit about their trail, and were soon back out in the city/shiggy. There were some chick checks, and of course the harriettes opted to check/flash instead of flash/check! Those crazy harriettes! Of course, no one/everyone  minded.  A few of the virgin/veteran hashers thought it would be a good idea to shortcut and immediately got lost/died. Oh well! Better luck next time.

Once trail was over, we drank our dranks and sang our songs. Disco/Hummers was called out for shitting on trail, Whiney/PMS for getting lost, $5$5$5/59 for raceist behavior and the hare/hares for their shit show of a trail.

All in all, a pretty generic/amazing/shitty/wonderful trail!


April Fool's Day Hash

Tom Foolery and Jack Assery from a kennel far away will be assisting Beaner Wiener and Fake Bake F&ck in laying a no-thrills trail in beautiful South County.  So Expect Nothing Fool!  Just be prepared for the usual Wednesday night shenanigans!  Runners will have a trail and the Walkers will too.  Cranium lights may be good idea.

Circle Up:
In the back yard of Frankie TDTPE.  April Fools!  You should really go to the vacant lot on Feth Drive just past Elm Park Drive.

Closest major intersection is S. Lindbergh and I-55.  Going North or South on Lindbergh turn on Rusty Road which is a half mile North of I-55.  There�s a Commerce Bank on the corner.  Make the first left onto Feth Drive and go past Elm Park then make the first right into the vacant lot and continue to the right.  Look for hashers at the end of the lot.  This is between O�Charley�s and Americas Best Value Inn.

On After:
Buffalo Wild Wings - South County at Union Rd. and Lindbergh Blvd.
570 S. County Center Way, St. Louis, MO 63129

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