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Saturday 10/22/2016 #1362

World Peace Thru Beer @ Frankie TDTPE & Princess Pussy Pants

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Who: YOU!!!!!
Where: 345 Marshall Ave, Webster Groves, MO!!!!!! (See map link below)
When: October 22nd at 3:00pm.  *** NOTE the 3PM early start time please!!! ***

Join the Big Hump Hash House Harriers for our 64th annual World Peace Through Beer.  We didn’t make this shit up.  It’s an actual event that Kennels around the world participate in on a yearly basis.


Hash cash for the Big Hump is $7, but if you bring a 6 pack of international beer to donate to the event, your hash cash fee will be waived for this event.  Try to be creative!  Some area stores that have wide selections of international beers include The Wine and Cheese Place, Friar Tuck, Total Wine, Craft Beer Cellar, Lukas Liquor, etc.

For this event you will be treated to a trail with hundreds of beer stops or less hosted by the St. Louis metro area Kennels.  In no particular order of beer stops, you will become inebriated thanks to The Big Hump H3, StlH3, Bell Scott H3, Tumbling Dice Full Moon H3, and last but most certainly not least, The Vaj H3.  So bring beer and bring your drinking pants.  Or if you’re from The Vaj, leave the pants at home.

Your hares for the evening will be*:
Frankie TDTPE
Dos Hixxies
Road Kill
How do you like my headlights NOW?
Princess Pussy Pants
                *these hares are subject to dismissal and replacement at any time up to and including their portion of this trail.

The Big Hump’s very own Puke Halt is turning 60 years old and is having a birthday party on the same day.  Much to the dismay of Two Live Screw, he has invited us to his home for the on-after so we can all give him birthday spankings and pass out in the front yard.

Google Map for meet up:

On After @ Puke Halt’s house:



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