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Saturday 10/22/2022 #1729

World Peace Through Beer Hash w Princess Ho @ Carondelet Park Boathouse

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Note the totally normal start time! Bring a vessel!

Interhash without leaving home! World Peace Through Beer is an annual event held on the closest hashing day to United Nations Day, Oct. 24. Kennels all over the world hash featuring beers from as many nations as can be enjoyed. This helps all beer-producing nations by encouraging production and consumption of beer, and open hashers' eyes (mouths? Do these folks know how beer works?) to the variety of beers and flavours enjoyed by hashers everywhere.

Hares Ice Princess and Sweet Ho Alabama will lay a trail through the Halloweentown that is south city, and along the way STLH3, The Vaj H3, and Tumbling Dice Full Moon H3 will host beer stops featuring their favorite international beverages. YOU can take part in the boozy diplomacy by showing up with a six pack of your favorite non-domestic beer to share in lieu of hash cash. And bonus, there's a shirt featuring all participating kennels around the world! Get with one of our fine haberdashers to order a shirt.

ON-AFTER is a beer brat cookout at Sweet Ho's place, easy stumbling distance from the park. As Max the ridgeback will be in attendance no other animals can, alas, he's hazy on glasnost when it comes to non-humans (but boy does he love humans). Bring $5 and a camp chair if you want to get our meat in your mouth!

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