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Wednesday 04/25/2018 #1477

Beaner Weiner & Fake Bake @ Steinberg Ice Rink

Hash Trash:

Circle: Steinberg Skating Rink

Hare(s): Beaner Wiener, Fake Bake Fuck

RA(s): Stink Palm, Disco Ass

(In)Significant Runs: Just Becky (5), Is It InYouYet? (75), Roadkill (99), Tased and Confused (110), Tats Snatch and Ass (TSA) (122), Eye Swallow (155)

Visitors: First Glass (Memphis), Mother May I (Memphis)

Hash Shit: Plot My G-Spot

On-After: The Gramophone


It seems we human folk have finally broken the weather for good. Spring is cancelled this year and we're all wearing shorts & winter coats. So...let's just meet at an outdoor ice rink and take our chances that it will be cold enough to skate.

In the unlikely event that it's above freezing, Beaner & Fake Bake will dust off their backsliding flour bags and set a fantastically, amazingly mediocre trail.

What to bring:
Virgins, wasabi, cranium lamp, ouija board, mackerel, $7

On After:
Gramaphone (probably)

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