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Wednesday 09/14/2022 #1721

Erections Hash @ Tropicana Lanes

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


The 2022 BH4 Mismanagement E’rections trail will be held on Wednesday, September 14th. The exiting GM Council will lay a short trail somewhere (TBD). Then, we will go to an establishment to vote for all at the MM positions, as well as t he Bests/Worsts of the past year. NOTE: You MUST be PRESENT to vote! Ask yourself NOT what your kennel can do for you, but what YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR KENNEL?! If you’d like to help run this shit-show, please send Purdy Mouth (Drew Barker) a private message BY SEPTEMBER 13th (don’t forget) and let him know what you want to help with. Feel free to inquire about any of the roles. If you know someone who’d be a great help, you can nominate them (however, they must accept and be willing to fill the position). Here are the MM positions and the current nominations: Grand Masters: Makes decisions about running the hash, plans big events, signs things. Nominated: - International Dicklomat Hareraiser: keeps the hareline, posts events, encourages folks to sign up to hare Nominated: Main Hash Cash: takes hash cash and attendance at each hash, tracks r*ns Nominated: Back-up Hash Cash (need 2-3): Nominated: Haberdasher: sells merch, creates new items to sell Nominated: - Strap Whisperer (Strap On & Asshole Whisperer for co-haberdashers) Webmeister: keeps the website going Nominated: Religious Advisors (need 5-6 minimum): runs Circle, makes the weather Nominated: Hash Flashes (need 2-3): takes pictures, posts them in a timely manner to the FB event/Google photos Nominated: Hash Harlot: is adorable Nominated: - No Panty Granny Songmeister: Offers songs to the Ras, teaches kennel new songs Nominated: Beermeisters (need 5-6 minimum): Brings beer to hash Nominated: - Cum In Something Fluffmeisters: Makes us look good Nominated: In addition to the MisManagement positions, we also acknowledge some trails and individual hashers from the past year. Below is a list of the categories we will also vote on. Please submit your nominations in the comments below. All items must have happened between September 1, 2021 and September 11, 2022. **IMPORTANT!** You MUST give specific information. Don’t just say “that one trail Meth hared.” You MUST provide the Run # (go to our website and look it up), the Hare's full name, and the location of trail. PM doesn’t have time to look these up. If you don’t provide all this information, your nomination will not be entered. Just go read all those Hash Trashes to refresh your memory and revisit the good, good times. Best Trail (Big Hump) Nominations: - 1708: Five Bucks' Catch the Hare Hash @ Steinberg Skating Rink 7/13/22 Worst Trail (Big Hump) Nominations: - 1713: Beaver Chaser @ Francis Park 8/10/22 - 1719: Disco's 20th Analversary 9/7/22 Best Trail (Not Big Hump) Nominations: Worst Trail (Not Big Hump) Nominations: Best Beer Stop Nominations: - 1678: Winey Bitch's 70th Hare @ Grant's Trail Parking Lot 2/23/22 - 1685: Green Dress Run 3/26/22 - Dan the Can Man's Beach Bonfire at 1719: Disco's 20th Analversary trail Best On-After Nominations: Worst On-After Nominations: Hash Harlot 2022 Nominations: Best New Hasher Nominations: Best New Name Nominations: - Mouthwest Airlines Hash Shit of the Year Nominations: - DDD for his grand enterence and immediate departure from GDR Misc./Special Recognition Nominations: - Meth-a-thon 10-part series of trails\ slow-rolling debacle

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