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Wednesday 09/10/2008 #731

Jack Rabbit Slim, PMS & F. Me Rudolph -Pajama Hash @ Dogtown

Hash Trash:

First off forgive me…I am a newbie and I have HDHD. So I probably will forget most stuff that happened last night because my attention only last for only a couple minutes at a time….add beer and it is shorter.


The theme for this hash was great. PJ’s theme rocked since PJ’s happen to be the most comfortable thing to wear! There were some outfits. There was OCD in her grandma’s MooMoo, Postage Tramp in a Teal Sportbra and bunny slippers and GladHeAteHer in Harlem Globetrotters Uniform (how that is PJ related is beyond me…but whatever..LOL).  OH and then there was LockNut…I will get back to him later!!!


Trouble started last night before we even started circle.  The mean lady from the Sweat Shop decided she didn’t like us so much. I believe she wasn’t happy that we were having fun and she wasn’t. She showed up and started to call the cops. PMS spoke to her and then she left….NOT for good.  GladHeAteHer started circle soon afterwards but soon to be interrupted by the Party Pooper/Mean Lady from the Sweat Shop.  This the same time I decided it was ok to talk about this lady and walk into the circle.  Little did I know that at the same time GladHeAteHer was asking for volunteers to write the Hash Trash (or as I thought it was called Hash Shit).  I learned my lesson don’t talk or walk into circle.  Anyway back to the circle….  The Party Pooper/Mean Lady told PMS that we had to move our circle down to the other side of the parking lot. Soon a caravan of cars traveled to the other side.  The normal stuff went down in circle. The hares Rudolph, PMS,

 and Jack Rabbit took off. The rest of us followed.  


As we ran down Manchester we came upon a Kung Fu place. At this point the runners were already at the HH location. HOWEVER, Locknut and his gang decided they wanted naughty pictures with the individuals who were taking classes at the Kung Fu joint.  Locknut and his gang would later join everyone at the HH. Locknut showed up at the HH with much less clothes on that he started with.  Hmmm….whatever happened to his clothes. He showed up in a nice silky PINK shirt….free balling! I didn’t believe it. (If it was Statue-Tory, I would have believed it.) I had to check for myself. Latter we all saw it. Boys one piece of advice…If you are going to show your stuff at the hash, please maintain the area.


We take off again.  Soon we hit Dale and McCausland.  We have people on every corner trying to figure out which way to go.  We had only ONE smart individual at this time. At it was Celery.  She didn’t even try to figure out which way to go…she let everyone else do the work.  She found her own personal Tricycle and decided to play while everyone else figures out the way. Smart girl!! 


Ok so off we go down the huge hill and up a huge hill. Neighbors were coming out of their house and yelling. We don’t care until one lady yells that she has beer. Did anyone stop to grab a cold one?


Finally everyone is sweaty and we make it to the beer stop. Are we missing some people? Why yes we are missing GladHeAteHer and a virgin.  Do we going looking for them….Oh no….. we keep drinking. Sorry the beer tasted good and cold.  


After a much needed beer or two we were off again. We finally make it to the circle again.  Still missing GladHeAteHer, a virgin, and a guy with Got Beer pj’s on were still missing. Should we look for them…nope we want beer and chips.   They come rolling in about ten minutes late.


Here is the low down of the circle….Hares besides Rudolph  got lost on their own trail so they received Hash Shit.  Just Julie got her ten run headband.  Ok…that is all I remember because my HDHD and beer do not mix well. Someone help me on this part. Things got a little fuzzy for me..  


I am missing a lot of stuff so please add more! I promise never to do hash trash again!!


Over all shitty trail and a shitty Hash Trash…OH and the award for best PJ’s goes to OCD!!!


Remember people don’t slip n’ shit!

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