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Wednesday 09/07/2011 #962

Catholic School Girl Hash @ Featuring Dewey & Bozo!

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Start: Carondelet Park, by the big pavilion with the fountain. Yeah, that one.

What to expect: Hot girls in skirts, hot guys in skirts, LockNut in a wig, a short run, lots of booze, good times.

Holy (literally) shit, is it Catholic School Girl Hash time again? It is! Come out on Wednesday and get down on your knees....to pray! Your Holy Rollers (Bozo's Wet Dream and Dewey Sexual System) have a nice casual run through the Carondelet neighborhood for you, complete with a park, some streets and of course a few churches along the way. Don't forget to stop for communion before you finish trail!!!


North/West/ILL- Get to 55S. Take 55S to Loughborough. Make a right onto Loughborough, make a right onto Grand Dr.(into park) and left into the park.  Go to the huge fountain.  Look for hashers.

South: Take 55N to Loughborough. Make a left onto Loughborough, and a right onto Grand Dr.(into park), and finally a left into the park. Go to the huge fountain/pavillion. Look for hashers.

Map Link:

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On After: TBD

If you get lost, stop and pray for help, I heard that works. Or you can call Dewey at 618-795-5305 and she may be able to assist you.

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