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Wednesday 07/15/2009 #797

Whiney Beeotch & LockNut Monster @ 3rd Annual (anniversary of the) Record Breaker Hash!

Hash Trash:

As I write this, I'm suffering from the festivities of the previous evening and this is my first shot at "hash trash" so I apologize in advance for the many things I may have missed.

Last night's trail was set upon the bucolic surroundings of Forest Park. With a group as large as we had last night, circle took a bit longer than usual. By my watch we didn't set off to the trail until 8:15 pm. The first beer stop was at the top of Art Hill. The distance from the starting point was just enough to work up a sweat. After beer stop #1, we got into our first shiggy. Out there somewhere in that forest is my damn pair of black Rayban's that fell off my head when I stumbled over a rotten tree. I didn't notice they were gone until much later.

Beer stop #2 was outside of Forest Park; don't ask me where because I'm from Illinois and I was completely lost by that time.
We had one naming last night. Just Claire became "Lick my Grass Hole". She was running while chugging red wine from a bottle. That's hardcore in my book. She also had fun rolling down Art Hill at the first beer stop.

I heard that we had around seventy people out for the hash last night. Did we break the record? I think that is yet to be determined.

The on after was at Mike Talanya's where we were treated to cheap beer, pizza and karaoke.
One of the highlights was Rudy singing his version of The Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

The hares were Locknut and Whiney Bitch. Shitty trail, shitty hares.

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