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Wednesday 10/16/2013 #1128

2FC: Sex Offender Hash - Part Deux @ In a neighborhood near you...

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Has the Cardinals post-season success put a dent in your hashing?  Assuming we get to a game five, we arranged with the networks to move the Cardinals game to 3pm so you wouldn’t have to miss the long anticipated 2nd cumming of the Sex Offender Hash.

We have found an ideal location in South City with over 125 serious sex offenders within 1.5 miles of the start.  You might want to bring a flashlight, definitely a whistle, and a virgin to sacrifice on trail (make sure you can out-#un/out-walk/out-wheel them).  If you want to get Halloween started early, you could dress up as one of the 4 Ps (prisoner, popo, priest, or pedophile).   A ball gag may be provided to the RA to deal with private parties in circle.

As always, plenty of frosty beverages on trail!

Walker/Wheeler/Dog friendly:  Yes, but perhaps bring your Pit Bull instead of your Pekinese.

Start: We’ll circle up across from Bommar's Sports Bar and Grill, 4621 Beck Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63116.  Take 40 or 44 to Kingshighway and go south, make a left on Beck. Bommar's is on your left, we'll be circling up on the right.

On after: Either at Bommar's or at South Town Pub (3707 South Kingshighway Boulevard St Louis, MO 63109-1803).

If you get lost or need further directions, contact your parole officer, 2FC (314-304-8692).

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