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Wednesday 02/01/2012 #994

PFL, OCD, Shoeless Hoe Jackson, and Stink Palm @ Maplehood

Hash Trash:

Hash Trash Run 994
As scribed by Shotbyawhore

Ah the first eve of a leap year February, going hashing in St. Louis sounds like a grand idea.  The temp avg is 5 degrees and there is usually snow so a trail is typically lost anyway.  But for some reason it was 60 degrees when we circled.  I was hoping some harriets would start losing some layers.  (in my half mind they were all naked anyway)

Stink Palm and his own personal harem of co hares: PFL, OCD, Shoeless Hoe Jackson   

It seemed that Stinky was taking “The Hares of Radicchio” a little too literally with “one white one, one black one, and one with a little shite on”  (this of course is OCD, if she likes anal as much as everyone says, there logically has to be some right?)

After, having chalk talk for the Virgin Tim and having the midget’s giggle all throughout opening circle we grouped up and the hares were off.

While hanging out for an eternity before we could go on out I overheard a couple good one liners, Just Alyssa likes the cranium lamp that looks like a vibrator, and saw some interesting activities.  Like Tig o Bitties was all in Garage’s pocket playing pool or some thing. (Epiphany) No wonder I didn’t do well with St. Louis Harrietts they are all into girls or battery operated machines.

And we were off, I thought trail was brilliant, checked the runners back into the walkers, had multiple spots where you had to go in single file really slows a pack up and keeps them together.  As I slid through the hole in the fence both my pens escaped my pocket so I’ll have to remember what happened from there.

Ran to beer halt, all beer gone,

Ran to 2nd beer halt, all beer gone

Ran into some cops

Found Beer stop, 100 yards from said cops, had a sip of beer

Took short cut back with Fist in My Furry, Locknut, and others*

Almost hit by a train, reminds me of the first time I got arrested 19 years ago, stupid train

Made it back to start got a new pen from car and had another sip of beer.

Notes from this point are a little abstract to say the least

Rudy was talking about failing a performance enhancing drug test because of herpes.

FMR-Porcupine Sex??? I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

The closing circle was run impeccably by Postage Tramp.  He's able to keep his calm, energize the half minds, have a sort of charismatic boy hood charm that made Matthew Broderick a star, and keep me drinking which might explain the worsening of my penmanship.

I next have Accuzate.  Some got accuzated for having a private party.  Some got accuzated for wearing yellow shirts?  Beermisters were accuzated for thinking that no one needed ice for the beer, since it is February.  Some we accuzated for not doing a proper down down.  What is up with this?  Take a sip put the can over your cranium and everything is right and proper?  I should implore this tactic it would save on the aspirin in the morning.

The Virgin Tim told a clown joke.

 I Like Big Bush and I Cannot Lie was told to get a life as we celebrated him cumming 69 times.

 PMS blamed Rudy for the elimination of the singing of “hares of Radicchio” at the beginning of the hash.

 Hashshit nominations were dolled out.

 Dewey was nominated for being too pretty and a couple other things and of Course Hymen Hunter was nominated for being too good looking.  In the end there was a trial by down down and I think they both win in that circumstance.

 The pack swung low and on out.



It’s Pukes, Fucks, and Leaves’ birthday. It’s Shoeless Hoe Jackson’s
virgin hare. OCD is having a food baby (word on the street is that
it’s PFL’s). Stink’s pimp hand is stronger than ever (how else would
he keep us crazy bitches in line?). And it’s unseasonably warm. Let’s
celebrate with a trail through Maplehood!

What to expect: Ridiculously awesome shiggy. One death bridge of death
(because we’re STUPID). A BH AND a BS (because we’re SMART). Anal (OCD
loves anal?). Puking. Shoe throwing. Bring a cranium lamp and a change
of shoes. You’re going to love us after this (short but sweet) trail!

Cousin Hugo's
3233 Laclede Station Road
Maplewood‎ MO‎ 63143

From the west take I-64 east. Take exit 31B for Brentwood Boulevard
toward Hanley Road. Turn right onto S Hanley Rd. Hanley Rd becomes
Laclede Station Rd. Hugo's will be on the right by Deer Creek Park.
(Rocket Park) Look for hashers.

From the east take I-64 west. Take exit 31B for Hanley Road. Turn left
onto S Hanley Rd. Hanley Rd becomes Laclede Station Rd. Hugo's will be
on the right by Deer Creek Park. (Rocket Park) Look for hashers.

From the south take I-55 N. Take exit 196 toward Kansas City/I-270 W.
Merge onto I-270 N. Take exit 5A to merge onto I-44 E/US-50 E toward
St Louis. Take exit 282 for Laclede Station Rd toward Murdoch Ave.
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Metrolink. Turn left onto N
Laclede Station Rd. Hugo's will be on the left by Deer Creek Park.
(Rocket Park) Look for hashers.

From the north take I-170 S/Inner Belt Expy. Take exit 1C toward Eager
Rd. Turn left onto Eager Rd. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for
Hanley N. Turn right onto S Hanley Rd. Hanley Rd becomes Laclede
Station Rd. Hugo's will be on the right by Deer Creek Park. (Rocket
Park) Look for hashers.

Map Link:

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Cousin Hugo's
3233 Laclede Station Road
Maplewood‎ MO‎ 63143

If you have questions, call Stink @ 314.402.6791

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999