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Wednesday 09/01/2010 #885

PMS @ ???

Hash Trash:

Oh, PMS, when will you learn? You hared a trail in 2008 in the same spot the week after me. You hared a Tumbling Dice the Friday after I laid a Sunday trail and tried to re-use my dots. And now this? Surely you wouldn't pick the same parking lot I used the previous wee, right? RIGHT?

But you did. And advertised it as bigger, better and with more hair. Touché my friend.

Trail started, again, in the parking lot by Bommar's. Beer was consumed and the hare gave us a pretty lengthy chalk talk. There were a lot of symbols used, pink flour, dark blue chalk. Basically the recipe for getting hashers lost on trail. After she left, a lot of talk on who was going to hijack trail. I think there were about 15 volunteers. Impressive, considering only about 25 people were there.

The pack was away and soon found ourselves at a Turkey/Eagle split. A few "runners," walkers and those with four legged and wheeled companions took
Turkey, while all the racists took Eagle. The turkeys found a very clever check and masterfully hidden true trail arrow behind some construction, only to find out later that it was Meta's doing. And he didn't even show to the hash! The two packs met at Tilles Park and had some shitty beer before we were to cranium back to the start.

On the way, Goat Fucker took it upon himself to play on the slide, only to be run off my some parents. Good call, parents. He's supposed to stay 100 feet away from playgrounds. Once back, it was a free for all to get what you could from bungle. Animal crackers, toilet paper, coolers, even a dog! Oh, what? Hummer's and Just Kevin took the dog? Thieves. Also, we met Just Leo. He's the brother of HoLateral. I know, just when you thought we finally got rid of him, his brother swoops in. 5 Bucks kept calling him BroLateral, which is much better than Buster. We all know HoLateral gives fake hash names to virgins he brings (remember Kangaroo Jack?), we don't care if it was your Navy call sign.

Hashers were called in for backsliding, significant runs, talking in circle (DMB!), bringing dogs, not having hair, having too much hair, etc. Normal stuff. Hashit was awarded to PMS for the second week in a row for not being original enough to find her own parking lot and recruiting
Meta to prelay trail, then bragging about it on Facebook. She only slightly beat out Diggity Diggity (for what I'm not sure) and Norman Bates (for making a 340 mile canoe trip a 345 mile canoe trip).

Shitty Trail PMS!!!

Dewey S. System

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


Start: Bommar's Sports Bar and Grill, 4621 Beck Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63116
What's going on:  A shitty Hash
What to expect:  Shitty beer and a shitty trail
Bring: A shitty flashlight
On- After:  South Town Pub - 3707 South Kingshighway Boulevard St Louis, MO 63109-1803

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