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Saturday 06/25/2016 #1337

Dewey Sexual System @ BIKE HASH

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


What time? Noon!

Where? Lyon Park near AB Brewery

Should I bring anything? Yes, a bike, a helmet*, and a bike lock**. Some water to bring with you on the ride is a good idea.

What kind of crap is this? There's no biking in hashing! Yeah, that's why it's called a Bash. The route will be about 10-12 miles and will be road bike f riendly. Marks will be similar to a regular hash. We'll have checks and halts to keep everyone together.

I don't have a bike, can I run? Um, sure, if you want.

Can I skip out and go straight to the on-after? Yes, although I'm not entirely sure where that is yet.

My dog loves to run with me while I bike, can I bring him/her? Ignoring the fact that it's probably way too hot to have your dog run with us for 10-12 miles, it's probably not the best idea in case they get in the way of other bashers. You can tote them in a trailer though, that would be adorable!

*The helmet isn't required, but you're on your own if you hurt yourself.
**One of our stops might involve you leaving your bike outside.

It's Pride weekend!!! Feel free to bust out the rainbow gear and show your pride on Saturday!

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