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Wednesday 10/10/2012 #1048

TSA and Headlights @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


TSA & Headlights Fall Shenanigans Trail

Meet in the parking lot behind Wasabi Sushi Bar: 9983 Manchester Road * Warson Woods, MO * 63122 located on the east side of the Dierbergís shopping center.

What To Expect: A festive fall trail through the lovely neighborhood of Warson Woods. But, will this quiet community quite know what hit as though the lovely TSA and Headlights could easily pass as the Darling Housewives of Warson Woods by day, a naughty nighttime adventure awaits the Big Humpers as these Daring Hariettes have shenanigans in store that will not disappoint!

Two Trails are planned for the evening, the first being a quaint stroll through the neighborhood for the walkers and wheelers. The runnerís trail will have some hidden adventure, and be ready to run (itís TSA), but be ready to take a break for Godís sake (itís Headlights), and everyone be prepared to be naughty.

What to Bring: Of course your Headlights, and also your flashlights, or a glow necklace or some sort of illuminating device, maybe dress in all black and be prepared to turn off your illuminating device (just in case), possibly a change of shoes, maybe a new outfit if youíre agility challenged, and maybe someone elseís ID (in case you get caught).

On After: Letís enjoy delicious fall brews at Kirkwood Station Brewing Company located at 105 E. Jefferson * Kirkwood, MO * 63122

PS: the non-beer drinkers can absolutely enjoy $4 Absolute Vodka Cocktails

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