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Saturday 12/28/2013 #1143

OCD, Dos & IP's Gift Exchange Pub Crawl @ Clayton Crawl

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


-|-|-|--> Special start time 5:00!!! <--|-|-|-



Hares:  Ice Princess, Orgy Cum Dumpster and Dos Hixxies

Trail:  it's a pub crawl and you'll be walking to bars... if you show up in running clothes, we will make fun of you.

$$:  Hash Cash will not be collected (you will get attendance credit).  You’re responsible for your own bar tabs.

White Elephant Gift Exchange:  time to get rid of that crappy gift you rec'd for Christmas.  Wrap it back up and bring it to the last bar, where others will fight for that shit!  If Santa was actually good to you this year, then buy something -- no more than $10-$15 -- you’re hashers, so we know you can be creative & cheap.


5:00pm - JP Fields - 26 N. Central.  Meet INSIDE.  Drink specials: buy one/get one.  So plan to drink double your normal amount, or find a f*cking friend!

6:30pm - CJ Muggs - 200 S. Central.  Hashers get their weeknight Happy Hour specials.

8:00pm - Molly Darcy’s - 26 N. Meramec.  Hashers get their weeknight Happy Hour specials.  Gift exchange will happen here!

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