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Wednesday 10/31/2012 #1053

Locknut's Zombie Hashpocalypse @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


It's Halloween Night, and Locknut has been looking forward to this day since November 1st, 2011.  So put on your scariest zombie costume, or your most creative costume, or hell, just put on a pair of girl's running shorts and come as Shits - just put on something and come on down to the CWE for Locknut's Zombie Hashpocalypse!

What to Expect:  This is going to be a hash meets pub crawl style evening, so that everyone can feel free to go all out with dressing up because you will be judged by your costume.  In fact, Locknut will award those who win the costume contest - there are 3 categories:
* Best Zombie (duh, this is Locknut's Zombie Hashpocalypse)
* Best Harriett Costume
* Best Wanker Costume

Also, it is Halloween, so Locknut will have some treats for your tricks:
* Keg Beer
* Beer from the Oldest American Brewery - Yuengling
* Zombie Dust (3 Floyds Brewery limited addition)(limited amounts - this is for especially good tricks)

Ideas for good tricks could possibly include festive hash themed jack-o-lanterns to display.  Just a suggestion if you happen to excel at carving, there may be a prize for that too!

So if you were thinking about just sitting at home and passing out candy, leave that candy bowl on the porch and come on out to the hash because, shoot, the CWE may have thought they had the best Halloween party on Saturday night - they ain't seen nothin' yet when the hashers take over on Wednesday!

Start: St. John's Methodist Church parking lot, 5000 Washington Place, St. Louis, MO

On After - (Probably) Bar Louie

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