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Wednesday 09/18/2013 #1122

Catholic School Girl w/G Tort and Penthouse @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Hike up your skirts and put on your thinking caps! Wednesday night we will be running back to a time when we were all Catholic School Girls. Dig out your shortest skirt and iron your whitest oxford shirt. If it rains, we will be in it for hours and hours until all those shirts are soaked through; if it doesn't rain, look out for water buckets.

Let's make this night as real as we can. All you "girls" shall feel free to have as much of the body and blood of Christ as you can...after your confession. Everyone's performance will be graded by our resident priest who, I'm sure, will be open to bribes and sexual favors in exchange for good grades. Prepare a juicy confession, be ready to exploit your body for his approval or suffer a stern paddling/down-down/both.


Circle/On-After Stella Blues in St. Louis City.


Regardless of the theme, this is still a GT and VIP hash so go ahead and take off Thursday morning from work. 


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