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Wednesday 05/01/2013 #1092

IHOP & Burn(s) Rubber(s) @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Come on out this Wednesday night to what is sure to be a gloriously shitty trail! IHOP and Burn Rubber will be your hares and plan to take you on a fine journey through Urban Decay and Mid-America's back alleys as we celebrate May Day and anything else we deem appropriate.

What to expect: urban shiggy, stray dogs, malt liquor, true trail arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Meet on the North Side of Tilles Park for a hashy good time.

From either direction on either 64/40 or 44, exit at Hampton and go South. Turn Left on Fyler and park your vehicle.
If you're lost (congrats! we only hash here maybe once a month!): 586-321-1587 (burn) or 847-567-3495 (ihop)

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Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999