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Wednesday 04/17/2013 #1089

Free Mustache Rides @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


It has been a rough week for hashers, runners, and all of humanity (RIP Lady in Red and the Boston Marathon... fuck).

When you encounter a week like this, you can either let the sadness/anger get you down or you can celebrate life with a ragtag bunch of hashers and get down.

So, if you were thinking about relaxing on the couch after work? Get your ass up. Thinking of skipping the hash? Piss off, ya wanker. Thinking of "just having a little water" at circle? Drink like a viking after pillaging a mighty village. Come out, enjoy the company of friends and idiots, pull up your action pants (and perhaps pull them down later), all so you can leave Free Mustache Rides' Birthday Hash and on-after having truly lived another excellent day.

Cherokee Park, situated roughly between the Anheuser Busch brewery and a street full of antique shops.
What to expect:
A trail. Beer. Good company. Bad company. Potential for a heroine addict overdosing in the backseat of a car near circle. Might even have a turkey / eagle. 2.5 to 5ish miles.

What to bring:
Pants? Well, other than that, a shirt and shoes if you want to get into a non-hippie bar. Oh yeah, and money. If you don't have money, bring heroine. It trades like a beaver fur would trade in Russia back in the day.

If you're technologically challenged, mail a letter to someone today in Amish-ville to request a ride in their carriage. And hope you can make it. Or just follow your nose to the smell of hops, malt, and Gus's Pretzels.
If you're not, enter your address in the map below.

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