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Wednesday 09/09/2015 #1275

$5$5$5 and Free Mustache Rides @ Soulard

Hash Trash:

Hash Trash
Trail #1275

Hares: $5 $5 $5 and Free mustache rides

It was a beautiful evening in downtown St. Louis. The Cards had an afternoon game. I don't know if they won or not...probably not.
We circled up and got things rolling. Postage in his ongoing quest to have the longest circle in hash history was RA for the evening. He brought in a visitor, Red Roper, from CoMo, who was harassed for not cumming prepared with his paddle and patches. Does he deserve a paddling for that? Probably. Goldi would likley volunteer as she was paddled by him at Bungle. Revenge? Maybe. Just wanting to be naughty, most likely.
Anyway, the hares were called in and after the usual chalk talk, hares were blessed and then were awayyyy. After a few more beverages, songs and general comradery the pack was away. There was a nice trail laid for the walkers….full of dots, checks, a shot stop and a naughty check. Wait, wrong trail….they just told us to find our own way to Kiener Plaza...um, assholes.

Just Mario had taken charge of Lazy ass. As we were deciding our route, a sidewalk curb jumped up out of nowhere and nearly sent Lazy to the other side of the street. Just Mario blamed Beaver Chaser for not keeping a better eye out for obstacles. A fight ensued. After punches were thrown by both and the fact they both missed each other, leaving no blood or bruises, they called a truce.

After getting Lazy back in his wheelchair properly, the walkers did make it to Kiener Plaza acranium of the runners and were met with a small selection of warm AB products. As the runners came careening in from what was apparently a shitty trail, they were whining and complaining and full of cheerful cries for the hares. Shouting things like “you suck” “I hate you” “why did you let the walkers drink all the beer” Hey, you shouldn’t have taken so long to get your asses there…run faster next time.

We were on out again to find the end of trail. The walkers took the same way back….stopped to chat with a few folks at the greasy spoon diner. There was a large tour bus there and the locals were just sure it was someone that was famous. Eh, we couldn’t figure it out so on we went. The runners made it back to circle just acranium of the pack of walkers.

Circle had a few surprises as well. Accusations of crimes on trail included, Hummers pooping on trail (and she wasn’t even there), Ricky tried to share his crabs with a real pretty “lady” while he was waiting at a check and Stink Palm kicked a dog after he jumped off a swing and took a tumble(…different trail but, it sounds good). Postage ended circle around 11:15 and the three people left in circle headed to the on after.
Respectfully submitted so that $5 will stop trying to call me out for not turning this piece of shit in,

Eye Swallow


Circle up:
parking lot of DB's Sports Bar
1615 S Broadway, 63104

5 Bucks and Free Mustache Rides present a trail to welcome back the assholes that got to go to Portland with a disappointing reminder of what they left behind... and entertain those who stayed here with a trail tentatively named Dr. Strangehand, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love St. Louis.

What to expect:
Eagles get some shiggy, some shenanigans, and blight. Turkeys get some of those things but mostly some shortcuts, and they might miss a nice chance to cool down and to get wet.

Walker and wheel friendly. Karaoke and allegedly good burgers at the On After.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999