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Wednesday 11/14/2012 #1056

Holy Thunder & You'll Go Blind!!! @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Join you'll go BLIND and Holy Thunder Down Under in Benton Park for a very self-stimulating trail!

What to Expect: well- its BLIND's first time haring so we need to make sure its special... plan on lots of BJs, chick checks. DICK checks and a general cloister fuck of a trail. Wear your best day-go / neon attire plus some snazzy sunglasses for protection...

We will have a walker, turkey and eagle trails - but this is me and BLIND - and since we LOVE to run, eagle will be long enough to keep Shits, $5, and 59 mins busy and for us hares to be able to finish trail without flashing any tail (yet to see a hare get pantsed and plan on keeping it that way).

There will be have enough snacks to (hopefully) make up for Holy Thunder's halloween shenanigans aaaaaaand there will be awesome goodies to keep us warm in case it gets a little nipp(le)y at circle.

Basically- the hares excel in one thing- but we do it well- so bring your A-game and plan on a crazy hashy time. We will try our bests to behave...

On-After at Hammerstones, 9th and Russell. Call Holy Thunder at 4802205341 if you get lost or just feel like talking dirty.

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