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Wednesday 11/28/2012 #1059

Queefer, TrAInWreCK, Drip Dry and Just Kylie @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


BH4 Run #1059
Some say..they had their corneas replaced with beer bottle glass
Some say..it is inadvisable to sit close to them after the first 12 pack
Some say..never leave a box of Doritos where they can find them
All we know is..its our birthday Bitches!
And quite possibly a significant one for one of your hares.

Your hares: Queefer Thiever, TrAInWreCK, Drip Dry and Just Kylie
Why so many? Well if a suicide vest is worth 70 virgins, this trail must rate 3 anyway.
There most certainly will be a walkers trail.
Your hares wish it to be known we will not ask for a long lead time, will certainly not be wearing tightie whities and will be carrying treats for any racist FRB that catches us. Under no circumstances will this turn into a 8 mile trail, we swear. We will be introducing the much feared hasher/wanker split to the Big Hump runners, details available during chalk talk. For those warm-blooded folks out there we have great news, your 1st beer stop is not out in this accursed cold. For the brave among us, if you notice a suspicious looking cooler, don't worry its just grog. We can do a 2nd beer stop at a bar if the pack is in favor, we'll put it to a vote in circle. TW is involved so shiggy should be assumed.

Where: 4423 Fyler Ave
Circle up in the parking lot at the end of the street.

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What to bring? Headlamps, money and ID (maybe), whistle, spank stick, chalk, $7 if you don't want to see 'app' next to your name Thursday.

If the hares have any tp left at circle and someone has a lighter and we are waiting for the DFL..you never know.

On after is at Stella Blues on 3269 Morgan Ford Rd. This is a cash bar but they have our hash beers of choice and Queefer assures me it has an ATM.

Lost, confused, lonely call TrAInwreck at 618 615-7698

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