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Wednesday 11/19/2008 #746

Keyless Entry and Holateral Damage @ ???

Hash Trash:

See if you can find the 10 Ancient Chinese Proverbs embedded in this trash.  My guess is Dewey and So So will find all but one (they’re just like that).  Mud Packer probably won’t find any.  Lock Nut will ask the obvious… what exactly is a Chinese Proverb?  Others, particularly Cliff “I love you when I’m drunk” Banger and I Have a Dick will not “get” the whole proverb thing and probably notice this trash is not particularly funny either.  Yes well, I told you so.  J  But you needed a volunteer.  Remember that next time you need one.        


The participant's perspectives are clouded while the bystander's views are clear.  I was a participant and therefore my views may not be too clear.  I do however, remember a few things… first, Just Julie was called in the circle as last weeks hash shit recipient.  I heard she ‘made time’ to get it or something like that.  Then we had a new boy there… sporting a nearly full and very wooly beard.  He resembled Mamma’s Ass, but you know, once bitten by a snake, you are even frightened by a rope that resembles a snake.  Soon we were off and running… the usual FRBs (Five Bucks, Five Bucks, Five Bucks, Fiddle Her on the Roof and Stink Palm) led the way, and we discovered that when you go up to the mountain too often, you will eventually encounter the tiger.  And the tiger, I mean trail was hard.  Yes, that was the hardest pavement I’ve ever pounded, but follow the local custom when you go to a foreign place.  And speaking of foreign places did anyone but Cum It Out and Drop Dead Hummer pick the flower when it is ready to be picked?  The beer at the beer stop was particularly cheap and not necessarily cold, but even elephant tusks cannot grow out of a dog’s mouth.  It was nearly a straight shot back to the start (at least it was for me and my fellow zen masters).  In circle, we rediscovered why it is impossible to change your basic characteristics.  Burning Asshole and Celery did what they normally do – explained to us why your neighbor’s wife looks prettier than your own.  At least I think I heard them explain that.  They must have too because at the on-after,  Ricky's Crab Shack took some of Burning and Cele’s wife advice and fell for a petite, tight assed bartender who unfortunately was more into boobs than your average hottie female bartender or than your average hasher (male or female) for that matter.  Just Joe H must have been paying attention too, because he spent some time explaining to Pornogenic how she must be the neighbor’s wife because he found her so beguiling.  At least that’s what I think he was telling her.  And other than the time Garage a Trois, Cocked & Loaded and You Had Me at Herro got up on the bar and danced naked, the evening was pretty quite.  Sorry about all you wankers who missed it.  Thought for next time, that if you don't go into the cave of the tiger, how are you going to get its cub?


Submitted by Help Me I'm Wet


Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.netCyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic


Venue: Downtown Hash!


Metro Link Station: Union Station is 1/2 a mile away. Head north on S 18th St toward Brett Hull Way/Clark Ave. Turn left at Locust St. Destination will be on the left.

It's dark, bring a flashlight.

Map Link       

Address: Tin Can Tavern, 1909 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103

From Hwys 44 & I-270:  Head southeast on I-270 S. Take exit 1A-B-C to merge onto I-55 N toward St Louis. Take the exit on the left toward I-44 W. Take exit 207B on the left toward I-44 W. Merge onto I-44 W. Take exit 289 for Jefferson Ave. Turn right at S Jefferson Ave. Turn right at Locust St. Destination will be on the left, look for hashers.


From IL: Take exit 25B to merge onto I-55 S/I-70 W. Continue to follow I-55 S. Entering Missouri. I-64 W/US-40 W (signs for St Louis/US-40 W/I-64 W). Take exit 39A toward Market St at 21st St. Turn right at Market St. Turn left at N 20th St. Turn right at Locust St. Destination will be on the left, look for hashers.


On-After: Tin Can Tavern.

If you get lost or need further assistance, please contact 314-761-5669 or 314-706-4950.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999