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Saturday 01/23/2010 #837

Cliff, Princess and Garage @ Birthday Trail

Hash Trash:

We met at a familiar lot in South City.  It was a semi-small, but lovely group.  Beers were consumed.  Garage was looking extra cute in her birthday attire - and she was giving out very yummy blow jobs.  We circled up, did the usual chalk talk, then Hares were blessed and headed out.  Who said head?.  We took a grope shot.  We found out Bozo used to touch cat’s pink buttholes.  FSAS and Ho Hum were late comers.  Funny BoneHer and 2Fuck were even later comers. 


Just Kelly C was asked to share lots of personal information.  She’s apparently a chef and a dental assistant, she makes a mean lasagna, she doesn’t like anal sex, she’s had sex on a tombstone, and she has interesting names for her private parts.  Bend Over Granny led her away.  Rudy kept yelling Belgian Waffles (& none of us understood his explanation), but several better options were given.  Just Kelly came back, did her best to drink a whistle out of a cup filled with a gross beer combination.  And now she will be known as Scrooge McFuck.


The pack took off.  Some ran, some walked, some auto-hashed one way, some auto-hashed another way.  I was part of the last group, so I can only tell you that we went straight to the Beer Stop, started a fire, drank some beers and ate most of the chips before anyone else had a chance at ‘em.


The Hares arrived, followed very closely by Rudy and $5, then everyone else slowly trickled in.  People tell me there was a good Shot Stop.  Apparently Bozo was FRB to the SS.  Also, I heard Peru-Vit can’t do a blow job w/o spitting his cum on Garage.  The group drank lots of beer, ate more pretzels.  Then surprisingly (well, only to me), Cliff & PMS circled everyone up for a renaming.  Ricky’s two years of complaining had finally paid off.  The group thought Copped & Fingered was not a great name.  So a cup was found, gross beer (& maybe wine) was poured over a whistle.  And C&F will be forever (well, we’ll see) known as Ice Princess.


More beer & pretzels were consumed.  It got dark.  Rudy sang some long-ass song called Piss On Ya or Shit On Ya or something.  Our clothes and hair were completely consumed with the smell of firepit smoke.  So the pack took off.  Some ran, some walked, some crammed into a car.  Again, I was part of that latter group, so I can only tell you that nine bodies are the max amount of people you can fit in Postage’s car.


Back at Circle, more beer & pretzels were consumed.  The Virgin, Just Erin, showed her round mounds of pleasure.  Yay!  Even better... that started a chain reaction... and PMS, Garage and Just Madelyn also showed their fabulous boobies.  Hell yeah!! 


More beer was consumed.  Songs were sung.  Things got fuzzy.  Hash shit nominations were announced.  OCD was brought in for being drunk at a Hash (wtf?), Peru-Vit was brought in for spitting his cum on Garage.  I believe Cliff was nominated for saying “nomenclature” (yeah, I had to look it up).  Shot By A Whore was in there for something, and I think Rudy was brought in b/c he couldn’t count?  I might have missed someone?  But Rudy won.  He drank gross beer out of a plunger and more out of a mug.  We swung low, I think. 


Most of the pack went to Tin Can, where more beer was consumed.  Lots of yummy fried food was eaten, PMS told everyone how much she loved them.  Sexorcist and Barnstar joined us on their one year anniversary.  We all drove home in the rain.  Another lovely hash.


Yours truly,

   Ice Princess


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