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Wednesday 06/19/2013 #1102

Disco Ass & Dewey Sexual System @ ???

Hash Trash:

The pack gathered in Endicott Park in lovely St John’s Mo. – home of the speed trap – on a very pleasant midwest evening.  The hares were Dewey and the Disco Man, celebrating Dewey’s 25th birthday. 

After a moment of silence for Tony soprano, the hares were off and postage entertained the pack.  The trail serpentined thru suburbia, eventually leading us to Washington park cemetery.  After a long search, and a YBF , the trail lead us out to Natural bridge, which is neither natural nor a bridge. We crossed under 170 and saw a message that we were “almost there” (not true).   We ran thru a car wash – disco loves car wash’s – and than a ran at least another mile to the beer stop in a very nice park. 

The walker’s were then away, followed by the runners, where we crossed the pedestrian bridge over 170, then thru the frisbee golf course.  Somehow disco set a trail that finished in the dark even though we are only 2 days away from the summer solstice – although he was spot on with it being a 6 mile trail.

59 minutes and Copper were the Frb’s with the Locknut Monster bringing up the rear with the DFL’s. 

This trash is being cut short, much like the circle was by the St Louis County Park Ranger.







"I already seen the airport."

What to expect: Zombies, plane sightings, probably a crime or two. In all seriousness, expect a 6 mile trail. No Turkey/Eagle. A walker's map can be provided to the highest bidder.

R U? If you haven't yet figured out the internet (how are you seeing this?!?) follow this simple recipe:

170 to St. Charles Rock Road, make a left. Right on Ridgeway, right on Endicott. Park will be on your right, look for hashers. Serve while beer is cold. Drink. Enjoy.

Dewey is turning 31 on Thursday! I know, I know, she looks 25. Just don't tell her that, we want to keep that ego of hers at bay.

On after maybe be at one of two places; both serve shitty pizza, but what are you gonna do? The actual location will be announced at circle.

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