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Wednesday 05/14/2008 #706

Bama Mate & Legs Over Easy @ South City Shiggy Trail

Hash Trash:

I figure since it's almost time for the next hash, I might as well write the trash for last week ...


So I get to this park that I had no clue even existed, park my car with two very lovely ladies (F Me Pumps and Just Ashley), and approach the Peemis Chariot, assuming that she knew where we were.  Little did I know that she also was lost, so we hopped back into the cars and decided to drive around a bit until we saw a group of people standing around.  Well, there were a bunch of groups of people, but when we saw a caped crusader tucking something back into his pants while trotting back to join his costumed cohorts, we knew we had found our party.


Now the reason for this gallivanting public urinator's presence was due to the fact that this was the SUPERHERO HASH (Form of, BEERS!!) The Stag was flowing from the beginning, and taking into account that this is my final week of school for the semester, I commence the imbibing process.  It was time to name another hasher, and after some very tempting suggestions (Goatfucker, anyone?), we decided to ponder the possibilities as we jetted through South City on a beautiful May evening.


I took the Turkey - Turkey trail with our brand new RA, Mr. GladHeAteHer who, coincidentally, was not the only GladHeAteHer in attendance.  The other one's name was Poo Holes or something.  So I get to the beer stop and I'm second!!!  WTF, I'm almost an FRB and I didn't even try!


The rest of the hash was relatively uneventful, since we basically just zenned all the way back to circle, since we all knew where the hell we were and didn't really give a rat's ass about these superheroes and their trail (just kidding!!)


The action picked back up again, when we got back to circle and broke out the coolers.  I forget his name, but some dude got Hash Shit for swallowing a bug on trail, then puking his guts out, and then having the gall to complain about it.  A virgin tropped his sizeable drawers, and I was proud of me and Pumps's virgin as she brought the house down with an anal rape joke.


From the depths of Burning Asshole's cooler, a hip flask of Jack Daniels was discovered, which prompted me to take more than my fair share of cutters.  And then, in a flash of brilliance, Pumps grabbed it out of my hands and dumped it into the plunger for Bug Puker to down down.  He almost puked that up too, but apparently Jack is better on the digestive system than beetles.


Oh, and we named the Puerto Rican dude "You Had Me At Herro."  Congrats!!



-Cum It Out



Venue:  Willmore Park, Jamieson Avenue, St. Louis MO

Your hare for this trail:  The Super Hero Six Pack (Show up to find out their names!) VIRGIN LAY

Come out and experience a legendary trail.  Bring a change of socks/shoes.  You will be super safe on this trail!  You never know if anyone will be there for you, if you get lost on trail, or hurt on trail, but someone with super powers might just be around the corner to save you.  This will be a one time only experience - so join us on trail.....

*For those that have old shirts (to make shopping bags) for Viper Snatch, she will be attending to collect them.

Is this trail near a metro link station?:  The Shrewbury exit is about a mile walk form the park.

Is this trail stroller/wheel chair friendly?: ONLY for Lazy Ass

Map Link Here

Address: Willmore Park, 6499 Jamieson Ave, St Louis, Mo 63109

From MO

NORTH:  Take I 270 South to I 44 East.  Take I 44 East to Jamieson Exit.  Make a RIGHT onto Jamieson Avenue.  Go about two miles and look for Willmore park entrance on Hampton.  Enter the park, and drive to the west end of the park - look for pavilion #4.
DownTown:  Take 44 East to Arsenal, make a right, then a quick left on Jamieson Avenue.  Look for Willmore park.  Enter the park, and drive to the west end of the park - look for pavilion #4.
SOUTH:  Take I 55 North to Carondelet Blvd.  Turn LEFT onto Carondelet Blvd.  Continue on River des Peres Blvd.  Turn RIGHT at Gravois Avenue.  Turn LEFT at Hampton Avenue.  Turn LEFT into WILLMORE park.  Drive to the far west end of the park and look for pavilion #4.

From IL

Take I 64 West into MO.  Take 44 West to Jamieson Exit.  Make a LEFT onto Jamieson Avenue.  Go about two miles and look for Willmore park entrance on Hampton.  Enter the park, and drive to the west end of the park - look for pavilion #4.

On After Location:  Barneys!!  Wednesday is ladies night, bottomless cups for $5.00 - Drink all you want, all night for $10.00!!!!!

Map Link for On After

In case you get lost, or would like to help hare this trail too, call Bama Mate @ (618)593-4175.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999