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Wednesday 04/29/2009 #781

Mismanagement Erections @ ???

Hash Trash:

Thank you everyone for coming out and voting! I think this year will be a year in which we will hash...hash like we've never hashed before *cue flashdance music*

Congratulations to all the new people in mismanagment...you deserve it! (take that literally)
Mismangament Erection Results

GM - Cliff BangHer
Co-GM - Purple Muffin Stuffin'
RA - Fuck Me Rudolph
Co-RA - GladHeAteHer
Co-RA - Postage Tramp
Webmeister(s) - Cliff BangHer and PMS
Hare Raiser - DMB
Backup Hareraiser - So So
Hash Cash - Burning Asshole
Backup Hash Cash - Ricky's Crab Shack
On- Sec - Orgy Cum Dumpster
Haberdasher - Pee's Like a Princess with Glady, OCD, Copped and Fingered, and So So
Beermeisters - Meta, Glady, 2FCanuck, Nurse Hashit, Lock Nut, G-Spot, Gay Blade, OCD

New Hash Harlot - Just Kate
New Hash Flashes - OCD, Copped and Fingered, Garage, Full Service, DMB, and PMS
Best Trail - Stinky's Christmas Lights
Best Theme Hash - Catholic School Girl
Most Scenic Beer Stop - Whiney's Forest Park
Best On-After - Duzzy Cum & PMS - Fireside Inn
Worst/Best Karaoke - Glady and G-Spot - I Believe in Crabs
Best Encounter with Law Enforcement - Stink Palm


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