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Wednesday 04/29/2009 #781

Mismanagement Erections @ ???

Hash Trash:

Thank you everyone for coming out and voting! I think this year will be a year in which we will hash...hash like we've never hashed before *cue flashdance music*

Congratulations to all the new people in mismanagment...you deserve it! (take that literally)
Mismangament Erection Results

GM - Cliff BangHer
Co-GM - Purple Muffin Stuffin'
RA - Fuck Me Rudolph
Co-RA - GladHeAteHer
Co-RA - Postage Tramp
Webmeister(s) - Cliff BangHer and PMS
Hare Raiser - DMB
Backup Hareraiser - So So
Hash Cash - Burning Asshole
Backup Hash Cash - Ricky's Crab Shack
On- Sec - Orgy Cum Dumpster
Haberdasher - Pee's Like a Princess with Glady, OCD, Copped and Fingered, and So So
Beermeisters - Meta, Glady, 2FCanuck, Nurse Hashit, Lock Nut, G-Spot, Gay Blade, OCD

New Hash Harlot - Just Kate
New Hash Flashes - OCD, Copped and Fingered, Garage, Full Service, DMB, and PMS
Best Trail - Stinky's Christmas Lights
Best Theme Hash - Catholic School Girl
Most Scenic Beer Stop - Whiney's Forest Park
Best On-After - Duzzy Cum & PMS - Fireside Inn
Worst/Best Karaoke - Glady and G-Spot - I Believe in Crabs
Best Encounter with Law Enforcement - Stink Palm


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


A couple of quick notes -- ILLINOIS DIRECTIONS UPDATED!!!

I know Princess is still interested in being haberdasher, but he could use some help selling it on weeeks when he can't make the hash. Does anyone want to step up and help him out?

You don't have to be present to be elected. And we will have some last minute nominations, which is why we don't do absentee ballots.

This year we're going to devote most of the evening to this, so we'll do one position at a time. That way if you don't get something that you wanted then you can nominate yourself for another position.

It'll be a Jeans friendly hash (we promise)!

We'll be at Tropicana Lanes again this year and we'll have Pointer's Pizza again.

COME OUT TO VOTE!!!!! It's your hasher duty!!! 

Nominations are open CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE!!!
For a list of Mismanagement positions and who currently holds these positions - Click here

Click here for Map

From the West:
Get yourself to Clayton Road and go east.  Tropicana will be on Clayton Road on your right just past the Galleria.  If you reach Hanley Road, you've gone to far, check back to Tropicana at the huge Tropicana Lanes sign. Look for hashers in the parking lot.

Take 64/40 west to
exit 38A and merge onto Forest Park Ave toward Grand Blvd. Follow Forest Park Pkwy to 170 South
Take exit 1D to merge onto S Brentwood Blvd. Turn left at Clayton RdTropicana Lanes will be on your
left at the huge Tropicana Lanes sign. Look for hashers in the parking lot.

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