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Wednesday 08/08/2018 #1499

Headlights and Postage @ Northampton

Hash Trash:

Circle: South City PetSmart

Hares: How Do You Like My Headlights NOW, Postage Tramp

RA(s): Fake Bake Fuck, Free Mustache Rides

(In)Significant Runs: Secret Cervix (22), Three Inch King (133), Fuck Me Rudolph (210), Purdy Mouth (340), Claim to Flame (375)

(Very)Significant Runs: Ice Princess (200)

Virgin(s): Just Jason (Was in the right place at the right time) [joke]

Visitor: Knope Kname (Comotion) [El Camino]

Beer Stop: Colorado Bob's

Hash Shit: Splash Mount'em (Causing the evacuation of Simpson Park on Sunday trail)

On-After: Southtown Pub

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999