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Wednesday 08/25/2010 #883

Adios, Hammertongue @ Tower Grove

Hash Trash:

Who writes the trash for their own trail? Apparently, this harriette does.

The pack met up on a gorgeous Wednesday evening outside of Bommar's Sport's Bar to bid Hammertongue a fond farewell. Luckily, no one had any idea that the two laziest hashers could set one long, mean trail. Dewey Sexual System and HT gave a pretty uneventful chalk talk, we groped (around Lazy!) and were off. The pack followed and were almost led astray (more on that later), which probably would have been better than the 6+ miles they had to run that night. A few checks and a check back lead our faithful followers to Francis Park, the location of a scenic and busy Beer Stop. Once they were gone from there, they had to take the long road back to the beginning. Our apologies, distances look much smaller on Google Maps.

Back at circle, it came out that PMS was planning on starting her trail next week at the same spot. Interesting. Rewind back to trail #686 on
February 20, 2008. Hammertongue and Dewey laid trail then too with PMS haring the following week. Little did we know then that once again PMS wanted to start trail in the same parking lot that they had found. A poorly attempted hijacking took place, but unfortunately that time the pack did follow, only to wind up 100 yards from the actual, warmer Beer Stop. This time however, with the help of Fuck Me Rudolph, the pack was not lead into the darkness by some wild haired midget and everyone found the BS safely. Good luck next time PMS, we're on to you now...

Hammer received his 69 band, a good send off to
Boston, but not before receiving a nice Boston Cream Pie to the face. Ok, it really wasn't a BC pie; just a tin filled with flour, whipped cream and chocolate, but it was quite tasty. You will be missed HT!

Dewey S. System

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


Start: Bommar's Sports Bar and Grill, 4621 Beck Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63116

What's Going On-On? Hammertongue is leaving us for Boston (sad face) so come say good-bye the old-fashioned way: by getting him drunk! We'll circle up across from the bar in the parking lot slightly behind Pet Smart. Take 40 or 44 to Kingshighway and go south, make a left on Beck. Bommar's is on your left, we'll be circling up on the right.
On-After: Bommar's. Food served until 10. If we're cutting it close we may go a mile to Tin Can.

If you get lost, call Hammertongue at 618-977-8825 or Dewey at 618-795-5305.

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