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Free Mustache Rides

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 180
Hares: 21
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 202
Appearances: 27
Hare Percentage: 10.40%

108/06/2008723Cliff BangHer & Postage TrampSouth CountyVirgin/Visitor
211/05/2008743Help Me I'm Wet & StatueTory RapeHasher
303/14/20097719th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
405/06/2009782PMS & Toxic WasteHasher
506/03/2009788"Heaven & Hell" - Help Me, F-SAS, Stink PalmSouth County - near Ronnie's TheatreHasher
606/24/2009792GladHeAteHer & Hymen HunterHasher
707/15/2009797Whiney Beeotch & LockNut Monster3rd Annual (anniversary of the) Record Breaker Hash!Hasher
807/22/2009798Keyless Entry, Just Clare & Fuck Me PumpsWhite Dress HashHasher
908/19/2009804Frankie TDTPE's 55th Birthday! Oh, and Rudy.Taming of the ShrewsburyHasher
1008/26/2009806$5 $5 $5Straight outta COMPTON (Heights)Hasher
1109/09/2009808Global Harriette Run - DMB & Gay Blade (GAYBLADE!)( . Y . ) Soulard ( . Y . ) !!GIRLS GONE WILD HASH!! ( . Y . )Hasher
1209/16/2009810Meta Arsehole, Pornogenic & Jack Rabbit SlimCatholic Schoolgirl Hash - Central West EndHasher
1310/28/2009819Whiney Beeotch's Hashoween Extravaganza!Hasher
1411/04/2009820Copped & Fingered, Funny BoneHer & OCDRainbow Hash in BrentwoodHasher
1511/14/2009822LizzardoTower Grove Park - Lizzardo's Going Away Hash!Hasher
1612/16/2009829Stinky Claus & Orgy the Cum-faced reinDeerChristmas Lights HashHasher
1701/20/2010836Disco A$$ & So-SoKinlochHasher
1802/13/2010841Dewey Sexual SystemMardi GrasHasher
1902/16/2010842Bama Mate's Soulard Pub Crawl Fat TuesdayHasher
2003/03/2010846Duzzy Cum, Mother Theresa and Norman BatesHasher
2103/10/2010847McPostage O'Tramp & O'F*ck Me McRudolphGreen Dress Pre-LubeHasher
2203/13/201084810th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
2303/17/2010849Fist in Her Furry A$$ & Free Mustache RidesSt. Patrick's Day!Hare
2403/27/2010851LockNut MonsterHasher
2503/31/2010852Waldo's PimpTower Grove ParkAppearance
2504/21/2010856ElectionsCome out and vote!Hasher
2604/24/2010857Free Mustache Rides & Dewey Sexual SystemMustache's Birthday TrailHare
2705/22/2010863Meta Arsehole & Seize Her SaladPolyester HashHasher
2806/09/2010866PMS & Diggity DiggityCrestwoodHasher
2906/30/2010871Mr. (Postage) T and Norman BatesAppearance
2907/28/2010877Disco's 21st Birthday TrailHasher
3008/18/2010881Disco's Bungle Pre-lubeHasher
3109/15/2010888Catholic School Girls HashMeta, Jack Rabbit Slim, P-Genic, Seize Her SaladAppearance
3109/29/2010891Roodles McToodles aka RUDYAppearance
3111/03/2010898PMS & Locknut Monster - Lampshade HashCentral West EndAppearance
3111/24/2010902Postage PantsHasher
3201/05/2011911PMS and Just GlennDowntown KWDHasher
3303/09/2011924McPostage O'TrampGreen Dress Pre LubeHasher
3403/26/2011928Garage a Trois/SO (clap clap) SOWash U hoodHasher
3505/04/2011936Burning A$$hole & Witty Titty Carrot CommitteeUrban Wasteland #2Hasher
3605/18/2011939DIECIOCHO DE MAYO!Whiney BAppearance
3605/25/2011940LOCKNUT Birthday hashMehlville/South CountyHasher
3705/28/20119414th Anal Hobo HashEdwardsvilleHasher
3806/01/2011942PMS & Hummers Para LibreKirkwoodHasher
3906/08/2011943Whiney Bitch & 2:19 From ChicagoWest County (Manchester)Hasher
4006/22/2011946Claim to Fame and I Like Big Bush & I Cannot LieLyon ParkHasher
4106/29/2011948Free Mustache Rides & 2:19 From ChicagoHare
4207/06/2011949Postage Tramp Bday!South CityHasher
4307/13/2011951Fook Family Hash (Pumps, Rudy, & Uncle 2Fook)AfftonHasher
4407/20/2011952Purdy Mouf & Shit on My ChestTower Grove ParkHasher
4507/27/2011954Disco A$$FergusonHasher
4608/03/2011955Dewey Sexual System!Hasher
4708/10/2011957Purple Muffin Stuffin' Birthday Trail!Hasher
4808/20/201195910th Annual Bungle in the JungleSteelvilleHasher
4908/24/2011960$5, $5, $5Near Southside!Hasher
5009/14/2011964Cum It Out & F*ck Me PumpsWedding Pre Lube! (The Grove)Appearance
5010/19/2011971ALPO, 2 F*ck Canuck,I Like Big Bush & I Cannot LieBirthday Trail & Mustache Contest!Hasher
5111/02/2011975Norman BatesSouth CityHasher
5211/23/2011979PMS' Lampshade HashSouth CountyAppearance
5212/07/2011982Vixen (PFL), Blitzen (OCD) and Stinky ClausAn'al Xmas Lights HashAppearance
5212/10/2011983Burning Hare! with ALPO !ChautauquaHasher
5312/23/2011986TSA & 2:19 From ChicagoX-Mas Pub Crawl in MaplehoodHasher
5401/11/2012989Locknut MonsterSouth CountyHasher
5501/14/2012990OCD & Stink PalmMaryland HeightsAppearance
5501/28/2012993GladHeAteHerGlen Carbon, ILHasher
5602/01/2012994PFL, OCD, Shoeless Hoe Jackson, and Stink PalmMaplehoodHasher
5702/08/2012995Shit on My ChestWebster GrovesHasher
5802/29/20121000Disco Ass & Postage TrampMidtownHasher
5903/14/20121003GDR Prelube (McPostage, O'Rudy, 2:19)Benton ParkHasher
6003/17/201210042012 Green Dress RunDogtownHasher
6103/28/20121007Whiney Bitch & Norman BatesForest ParkHasher
6204/18/20121011Shits Jemima, Eh? & Locknut MonsterCrestwoodHasher
6304/25/20121012Mismanagement Erections (Dewey Sexual System)Tropicana Lanes in BrentwoodHasher
6405/02/20121014LockNut MonsterSouth CityHasher
6505/23/20121018Fuck Me RudolphDogtownHasher
6605/30/20121020BJ and the Bucks (Five, that is)DowntownAppearance
6606/06/20121021Shits Bricks and Douche SkywalkerAppearance
6606/13/20121023Postage Tramp and Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
6706/20/20121024Dewey's Dirty Thirty w/Gladdy & G SpotLebowski Hash!Hasher
6807/28/20121032Pukes, F#cks and LeavesHasher
6908/04/2012103411th Annual Bungle in the JungleSteelvilleHasher
7008/22/20121038Fake Bake, Headlights & Ice PrincessHasher
7108/25/20121039Stinky & OCDClydesdale ParkHasher
7208/29/20121040PFL and Buttlick, SPRAY!MaplewoodAppearance
7209/19/201210442:19 From Chicago and Free Mustache RidesCatholic School Girl HashHare
7309/26/20121046International House of Penis & Burn RubberBurns Rubbers' Birthday TrailHasher
7410/31/20121053Locknut's Zombie HashpocalypseAppearance
7411/07/20121054PMS' Lampshade HashHasher
7511/21/20121057Shits Jemima presents: Thanksgiving in November?Weird.Appearance
7511/24/20121058Ice Princess and Fake Bake F*ckHasher
7612/08/20121061Disco Ass and Free Mustache RidesAltonHare
7712/12/20121062Dewey Sexual System and 2:19 from ChicagoLast Globiette Harriette until 2101!Hasher
7812/19/20121063Stinky ClauseHasher
7912/22/20121064Party Passout SurpriseHasher
8001/02/20131066Bozo and HeadlightsThe HillHasher
8101/23/20131070You'll Go Blind! and Beaner WienerHasher
8202/27/20131078Shits Jemima, Eh?Lumberjack HashHasher
8303/09/20131080Genital Tort & Donkey FuckerTower GroveHasher
8403/13/20131081Postage O'Tramp & 2:19 McChicagoGreen Dress Pre-LubeHasher
8603/20/20131083Queefer and GoldicocksHasher
8703/27/20131085Whiney's Birthday TrailHasher
8804/17/20131089Free Mustache RidesHare
8904/24/20131090Mismanagement ErectionsAppearance
8905/08/20131093PMS, Hummers and DMBSoulardHasher
9005/29/20131098LockNut MonsterHasher
9106/08/20131100Free Disco Lock Mustache Ass Nut Monster RidesHare
9206/12/20131101Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
9306/19/20131102Disco Ass & Dewey Sexual SystemHasher
9407/03/20131105Postage TrampBirthday Trail!Hasher
9507/17/20131108Holy Thunder and FistyHasher
9607/24/20131109Queefer Thiever and 3 Inch KingHasher
9707/31/20131111Disco AssHasher
9808/07/20131112BJ and the Bear & Nurse HashshitHasher
9908/14/20131114PFL & GoldicocksLingerie Hash!Hasher
10008/17/20131115Bungle in the JungleHasher
10109/18/20131122Catholic School Girl w/G Tort and PenthouseHasher
10311/13/20131134PMS & HeadlightsMaplewoodHasher
10411/27/20131137Beaner Wiener & Free Mustache RidesHare
10512/11/20131139LockNut MonsterXmas Lights HashHasher
10601/25/20141149Help Me & GoldiHasher
10701/29/20141150Lucy & Colorado Cock TeaseHasher
10803/12/20141159Mc2:19's "Happy Birthday GDR Pre-Lube"Hare
10903/15/2014116014th Anal Green Dress RunHasher
11003/19/20141161LockNut MonsterHasher
11103/26/20141163My Coat is Harrier Than My BallsHasher
11204/16/20141167Free Mustache Rides & Beaner WienerHare
11304/23/2014116859 Minutes Left...Wanna Talk?Wilmore Park - South CityHasher
11407/26/20141188Ice Princess & Orgy Cum DumpsterWorld Naked Bike Ride Viewing HashAppearance
11408/02/20141190Tough LiverHare
11509/17/20141200The F&CKING Catholic School Girl HashFake Bake F&ck, F&ck Me Pumps and 2F&ck CanuckHasher
11612/10/20141217Stinky Clause & Just ShellyChristmas Light HashHasher
11712/13/20141218Dewey Sexual System Alton, ILHasher
11812/17/20141219Postage Tramp/Fake Bake F&ckWebster GrovesHasher
11901/28/20151228Holy Thunder Down Under & LucyHasher
12003/11/20151236Postage Tramp's GDR Pre-LubeDowntown STLHasher
12103/14/201512372015 GREEN DRESS RUNCentral West EndHasher
12203/25/20151239Donkey Style, Three Inch King, Kibbles 'n DicksSouth CityAppearance
12204/11/20151243Kibbles and Three InchHasher
12304/22/20151245Free Mustache Rides & Kibbles n' DicksBenton Park NeighborhoodHare
12404/29/20151247Mismanagement E'rectionsTropicana LanesHasher
12507/18/20151264Tough Liver 2015Mine La Motte, MOHare
12608/22/20151272Annual HabitHash - $5 $5 $5 & Norman BatesCarondelet neighborhoodHasher
12709/09/20151275$5$5$5 and Free Mustache Rides SoulardHare
12810/14/20151283Puke Halt & 59 MinutesClaytonHasher
12910/24/201512852015 World Peace Through Beer HashFrankie TDTPE & Beaner WienerHasher
13012/12/20151295Locknut MonsterHasher
13112/26/20151298Dewey Sexual System Hasher
13201/23/20161304$5$5$5 and D-BagMaplewoodHasher
13302/03/20161306Toxic WasteCherokee StreetHasher
13402/13/20161308Princess Pussy Pants & Beaner WienerWest of SoulardHasher
13503/19/2016131616TH AN'AL GREEN DRESS RUNCentral West EndHasher
13604/06/20161320Greg LooseAnus & Hardly Ever CumsHasher
13708/13/20161347Bungle in the JungleSteeleville, MOHasher
13808/27/20161350PMS, Fake Bake & BeanerHasher
13909/14/20161354Goldicocks, Colorado Cock Tease, Cow CockRichmond HeightsHasher
14010/12/20161360Psycho FillHer & LockNut MonsterSouth City (55 & Broadway)Hasher
14112/07/20161371LockNut Monster Hasher
14212/21/20161374Beaner Wiener & Cum on the RecordTrail, Pub Crawl & White Elephant Gift ExchangeAppearance
14201/04/20171377Greg LooseAnus & Cum On Down UnderForest ParkAppearance
14202/11/20171385ONESIE Hash: Dewey & Ice PrincessTower GroveHasher
14303/08/20171390$5, $5, $5's Going Away FREE HASH!Clayton Hasher
14403/11/20171391LockNut Monster DebaliviereHasher
14503/15/20171392Puke Halt & 2:19 From Chicago Hasher
14603/25/201713942017 GREEN DRESS RUNHasher
14708/12/2017142316TH AN'AL BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLESpring Lake Bison Lodge, Potosi MOHare
14810/28/20171439World Peace Thru Beer! By G-TortBenton ParkHasher
14911/22/20171444Strap OnAppearance
14912/09/20171448Stink Palm & Eye Swallow X-mas Lights hashTBD - NOTE the LATE winter start time of 5pm. You know, so we can see Christmas LightsHasher
15001/27/20181458Holy Thunder Down Under & LucyHasher
15103/14/20181468GDR Pre-Lube / Beer Mile! ~ DeweyLafayette ParkHasher
15203/17/201814692018 GREEN DRESS RUNOverland, MOHasher
15304/11/201814745$ 5$ 5$Hasher
15406/20/20181489Dewey Sexual System & TSAMaplewoodHasher
15507/14/201814942nd Anal Bridesmaid's Hash w/Sweet Ho & Dewey SSA Brazilian steakhouseHasher
15608/08/20181499Headlights and PostageNorthamptonHasher
15708/11/20181500Bungle In The JunglePotosi, MOHasher
15808/25/20181503Beaner Weiner & Jalapeño Pussy (Olé)Downtown WestHasher
15911/24/20181522Ice Princess & Fake BakeKirkwoodHasher
16001/09/20191531Tased and ConfusedBenton ParkAppearance
16002/09/20191538Three InchKosciuskoHasher
16103/23/2019154718th Annual Green Dress RunDowntown St. LouisHare
16205/11/20191557Bridesmaids Hash w/ Sweet Ho and 2:19Benton ParkHasher
16305/29/20191561How Would You Like to Cup my Nuts HashHasher
16407/03/20191568Record & DonkeyNorthamptonHasher
16507/13/20191570Strap-On Humping Birthday Hangover HashFox ParkHasher
16607/24/20191572Oh! Am I Haring? HashCherokee ParkHare
16708/10/20191576Bungle in the JunglePotosiHasher
16812/11/20191601Christmas Lights Hash w Beaver Chaser & Just MaddyFrances Park, St Louis HillsHasher
16901/11/20201608Hareraiser Under Duress HashBenton Park WestHasher
17001/25/20201611Texas Hold 'Em HashBrentwood, MOHasher
17112/19/20201622Christmas ExchangeZoomHasher
17206/02/20211623Purdy Mouth3843 Bamberger Ave St Louis MOHasher
17308/04/20211636Strap On's National White Wine Day HashFlynn Park, U-CityHasher
17408/28/20211641Trail and World Naked Bike Ride Watch PartyCherokee ParkHasher
17509/11/20211644Mustache N Dicks RidesMcDonald ParkHare
17609/15/20211645ErectionsChinese Pavilion (obvi)Hasher
17712/01/20211661Disco's Old Money HashLadue Chapel Presbyterian ChurchHasher
17803/02/20221680Strap-On Birthday TrailSoulardHasher
17903/26/20221685Green Dress Run Forest Park, Dogtown, The HillHasher
18005/28/20221698Train To Glory/Methathon Hangover TrailLafayette ParkHasher
18106/15/20221702Black Tar Bomber & Fat LinerCarondelet Park Pavilion #1AHasher
18208/10/20221713Beaver ChaserFrancis ParkHasher
18310/22/20221729World Peace Through Beer Hash w Princess HoCarondelet Park BoathouseHasher
18412/10/20221739Frankie TDTPE- CANDY CANE LANE -Francis Park Racquetball courtsHasher
18512/28/20221743Headlights & Princess Pussy Pants Holiday HashFultz Field, River Des Peres Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63116Hasher
18601/14/20231746Mouthwest’s Turtle TrainingTurtle Park, 6401 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, MOHasher
18701/28/20231749Dicklomat & QPM Brewery to brewery marathonUrban Chestnut, 4465 Manchester AveAppearance
18702/25/202317552FC & Just Ed’s Search for a Bag-o-shotsFrancis R Slay Park, McCausland AveHasher
18803/11/20231758St. Louis' 21st Anal Green Dress RunRed Roof Plus, 5823 Wilson Ave, St Louis, MO 63110Hare
18904/22/20231767Kibbles n’ Mustache Finally Get It TogetherTerry Park, 3200 Eads AveHare
19005/03/20231769TSA’s Tequila MileSLU Medical Center Stadium, 3300 HickoryAppearance
19007/26/20231787QPM’s Shrewsbury ShowWehner Park, 7600 Hazel Ave, ShrewsburyHasher
19109/20/20231798Erections HashSyberg's Gravois 7802 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123Hasher
19212/27/20231819Fake Bake’s Last Hash of the Year St. James Catholic Church, 1336 Tamm AveHasher
19302/21/20241830Whiney @ Willmore ParkWillmore ParkHasher
19402/28/20241832QPM & Hit It In the Wet Spot Hashy Housewarming10724 Leebur Dr, St. Louis, MO 63128Hasher
19503/06/20241833The Taming of the Shrewsbury by Blind Bitch & TG4WPaul C Wehner Memorial Park, 7454 Whitehall Colonial Ln, Shrewsbury, MoHasher
19603/09/20241834Wet Spot @ Grant’s TrailParking Lot @ 601 S Holmes Ave, Kirkwood, MOHasher
19703/20/20241836Dewey’s Pre-GDR Beer MileLafayette ParkHasher
19803/22/20241837Green Dress Run 2024Forest Park Hotel, 5915 Wilson Ave, St. Louis, MOHasher
19904/03/20241839Just Brandon’s Perpendicular 2 Dotter TestKirkwood Park, 111 S. Geyer RdHasher
20004/10/20241840WhineyCarondalet Park BoathouseAppearance
20004/13/20241841IP & FBF Scavenger HuntSteinburg Ice Skating Rink, 400 Jefferson DrHasher
20105/01/20241845It’s Gonna Be Just Mary & Just Brandon ProductioMcDonald Park, 4200 Utah St. Hasher
20205/11/20241847Cockular & Just Mary Hare AgainCarondalet Park BandstandHasher