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Wednesday 03/12/2014 #1159

Mc2:19's "Happy Birthday GDR Pre-Lube" @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


GDR PreLube + 2:19 Celebrates up to 29 Things (Hashiversary, Birthday, etc.) by 2:19 and Free Mustache Rides

Join 2:19 From Chicago and Free Mustache Rides for a Green Dress Run PreLube that also happens to be 2:19’s Birthday, Hash Naming Anniversary and Hashiversary trail. Wee, it’s an all-in-one!. Be prepared for plenty of stops that could involve everything from irish whiskey to irish stout to irish cream - or hell, maybe just a pile of corned beef and cabbage. (Better to be ahead of the pack than behind if the hares actually fulfill that  awful idea). 

Bring your greenest non-dress attire, show off your shamrocks, whatever tickles your leprechaun.

Walker and Wheel Friendly!!!! Dog-friendly as well, but only if you dress your dog up as a leprechaun. 

Circle up in Lyon Park

Want Directions? Get a Computer, or find a friend with a computer and point the browser thingy to this: 

Want to prelube? You could probably jump into a free Brewery Tour at the Budweiser plant up the hill and grab 2 or 4 free beers - but I think they close at 5, otherwise, plenty of bars nearby.

On-After: A place named simply “Corner Irish Pub”

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