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Saturday 07/13/2019 #1570

Strap-On Humping Birthday Hangover Hash @ Fox Park

Hash Trash:

A thoroughly pleasant summer evening at Fox Park turned into an immediate clusterfuck as the walker’s trail disappeared no sooner than it started. As usual, Beaver took way too many goddamn pictures along the trail. Perhaps less usual, Is It Inuit was busted no fewer than 3 times while furiously masturbating in dumpsters. It wasn’t that impressive.

Back on trail, as the runners cruised around South City, the walkers stumbled aimlessly. The beer halt at Sweet Ho’s place turned into a full-on easy breezy beer stop after which point the runners were so far ahead that they drank all the fucking beer at the actual beer stop at Free Mustache Ride and 2:19 from Chicago’s. I have no idea what actually happened there, but the runners ate all the goddamn ice cream, too. Cunts.

By the 3rd and final beer stop at casa de Strap On I was pretty fucking schmammered, but the Big ‘ol Titty Committee (Humping, Sweet Ho, and Eye Swallow) treated us to a lesson in the virtues of the knockout bra. Made me wish I had a big set of boobies. Even us drunken butt pirates in the crowd liked it. Three beer stops at hasher’s houses is pretty cool.

We meandered our way back to the park for circle. Garage a tois and Eye Swallow got some huge fucking bags for their 200th runs. Some other shit probably happened, then we headed to my favorite part (on-after) at one of my favorite bars (Tick Tock Tavern). Ate some mediocre hotdogs and some badass mac and cheese. Drank more beer. I’m guessing Betty drove me home. Gracias.


It’s a happy birthday hangover trail with the birthday girl Humping Iron leading the walkers and the super sly Strap-On taking care of the runners. Be prepared for a sweaty, shitty time.

We’ll start in Fox Park and wander all the wonder that is South City, with hopes of not ending up in the custody of STLPD. If so, Humping promises to get everyone out of jail. On afters at Tick Tock Tavern.

Walker friendly. Runner friendly. Dog friendly. Let’s get weird. ðð¥³ð¤ª

Start: Fox Park
2751-2775 Victor St
Saint Louis, MO 63104
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/fzxcBqJLCv8bCAzy9

Tick-Tock Tavern (CASH ONLY there is an ATM)
3459 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/tfZoXjqwvd526VcH7

Menu: http://steveshotdogsstl.com/menu-steves-hot-dogs/

Tick Tock Tavern, the best dive bar in STL, offers a combo shot: half-Zambu and half-Malort for $3.50.

Every day, Steve's Hot Dogs posts a magic word of the day on Facebook! Tell them the word when you order to get $1 off!

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