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Wednesday 03/03/2010 #846

Duzzy Cum, Mother Theresa and Norman Bates @ ???

Hash Trash:

A brave intimate group braved the cold to usher in the first hash of March. One of which was Just Gary M and I wondered is this guy ever going to get named?  And that was one of the questions answered this brisk Winter's eve.  

PMS came to circle bleeding now I've heard that blood on trail is a mark of true haserdom but blood before trail?  

Mother Abraham must have felt the same way and offered up some of the best quotes of the night with "Did you split it open, or can you glue is shut?" Who ever would think that a harreitte would glue it shut?  That would be a travesty.

We had a couple visitors in our midst as well.   A hasher from San Fransisco whose name was Shit eating Grin.  Imagine if you will what inspired that.  And Dare I Lic from Hawaii, hardly a visitor as he has hashed here 15 times.

We circled up and Duzzy lead us through chalk talk, we posed for a group shot and he and Mother Theressa headed in to Downtown Kirkwood to find the place that spawned Duzzy as a hasher.  Since we had some down time we brought Just Gary M into circle and learned some very interesting stuff.  He has had sex on wal-mart, he is a fire spinner, during one fateful fire spin he lit his balls on fire, his favorite farm animal is a duck and a few I don't remember.  We then brought Shit Eating Grin in and asked him to entertain us and he had a couple ways to do that.  One he told a joke about screwing a canoe and second showed off how flexible he is.  make sure to see the picture. And away the pack went.

Hit by a Car was in a mood and once the runners left he dragged me after them so I didn't have much to see or hear during that but once we hit the tracks to see the hares jump in front of a train and cut the pack off.  Who would have know they knew the train schedule?

At the beer stop, The Geyer Inn, Hit by a Car wasn't asked to leave which gives it a plus in my book.  And Mother Abraham explained how she got so many children.  It so happens that she doesn't wear anything under there, and just let's that sucka breath.  Apparently it breathes in baby making material and there you have it.  Also found out that Duzzy was trained to hare by Dabadoo, the same great hasher who trained me so we had a bonding moment.  After 7 beers we started back on trail.

Headed, who said head, back to the start when it was discovered that Barnstomer had watched the pack leave doubled back and took a nap in her car till we returned.  We circled back up and started discussing names for Just Gary, There was, A Cock or Two, due to his hair style, Goodness Gracias Great balls of Fire and It burns when I pee, Flaming Testies, and others because, you know, Roof Fucker and Fucked Wally, obvious reasons and Duck Fucker.  We voted loud and Ofter so From now on and forever more Just Gary became Fucking Wal Mart.  The back sliders were punished.  Fist in my Furry Ass was tied off for having 50 Significant runs, Free Mustache Rides, who was doing the tying, said he had some significant runs of his own as he shoved the headband down his pants. hash Shit nominations were Given to Barnstar for three atrocious crimes, Cliff, and Mother Abraham.  Mother Abraham won for not gluing it shut in the first place.  Swing low was sung and hopefully the hash got a piece.

Shot by a whore


Start: Global Foods Parking lot, 421 N Kirkwood Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122

What should you bring: Flashlight


Special note: Discover the roots of Duzzy Cum (a bar, of course) and follow in the steps of his very first hash as he relives his beginning's as a hasher, extraordinaire.


Special, special note: Be afraid, very afraid for you will be on sacred ground.  Bring bail money....and a big thirst....could be a special treat at a special bar....

ID on Trail: Sure

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From the intersection of I-270 and I-64 (Hwy 40), take I-64 east to the South Lindbergh exit, and continue to follow Lindbergh south, crossing Manchester Road.  Continue south on Lindbergh (aka North Kirkwood Road) to 421 North Kirkwood Road (on your right and near W. Washington Ave).  Look for hashers in the parking lot.  If you get lost, call Duzzy Cum at 314-503-3064 for directions.


From Illinois or Downtown St. Louis, find your way to I-44 South, continue on I-44 to the North Lindbergh exit.  Turn right and continue to follow Lindbergh north, cross Big Bend Blvd and continue north on Lindbergh ( aka Kirkwood Road) to 421 North Kirkwood Road (on your left just past W. Washington Ave.).  Look for hashers in the parking lot.  If you get lost, call Duzzy Cum at 314-503-3064 for directions.



On-After: TBA


If you get lost call Duzzy at 314-503-3064

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999